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WOW! We are soo happy to announce that we have reached 100,000,000 IMEI checks! What a remarkable and spectacular number! Without you, we would not be able to achieve it! Thank you so much for your trust and support!

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Sold-by & Coverage Checker

We know you are crazy about your Apple device and that is why we are permanently working on improving and tools for your devices. Today we want to present you brand new feature which is Sold-by & Coverage Checker. You will love our fast and stable service! Find out what is your devices' vendor, purchase country, coverage status, estimated purchase date and many more! 

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iPad Colors

When buying an iPad, it's worth considering the color selection. Each of them is unique and undoubtedly beautiful, but not all of them match every taste. This APPLE device is not bought for a month, so we should think about the color which will go best with the owner. 

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International Warranty Duration

When buying a new phone, each of us wants to ensure it - just in case of some accident. A guarantee is an extremely important element of this concern. Its duration depends also on the country of purchase. Some of us are lucky to have it for 24 months, while others have the warranty for only half of this time, which means one year.

How to Factory Reset Android via Recovery Mode? - news image on

How to Factory Reset Android via Recovery Mode?

Whenever you want to delete all the content from your Android’s internal storage or you forgot your smartphone’s pattern, Hard Reset through Recovery Mode is the best possibility to bypass Screen Lock and erase all the internal storage. You can enter Recovery Mode via hardware keys, so it’s often the last possibility of troubleshooting a device once the smartphone is unresponsive.

Does 5G Mean the End of 2G, 3G & 4G? - news image on

Does 5G Mean the End of 2G, 3G & 4G?

Wondering what actually all those 2G, 3G, 4G and so on mean? Do you hear about it often, yet you are not able to connect it with any rule or visualization? Let’s learn something about all the wireless cellular technology generations. It's time to come along with those technologies that have gone down in history and solutions that continue to await introduction.

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iPhone / iPad Warranty & Basic info Checker

Do you think that all the best features available on our website are reserved for smartphones only? It is definitely not true. Just take a look. Let’s meet our super feature named APPLE iPhone / iPad WARRANTY & BASIC INFO Checker. You will be surprised by the amount of information that it will provide you with!

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iPhone Colors

When choosing a phone, not only the inside parameters concealed. An equally important element is the visual aspect. Each of us buying a smartphone certainly has a big dilemma when it comes to its color. To facilitate your visit to the store or some online choices, below you will find a summary of all the available colors of APPLE iPhone and possible options of checking if the cover of the second-hand phone is the original one.