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How to avoid buying a stolen phone on - news image on

How to avoid buying a stolen phone on

Many of us use the popular site You can often find there good bargains and buy some stuff for a good price. If you buy the phone, there is a risk that we will get on a unfair seller and buy a stolen phone. To avoid this situation, just use our website www.IMEI.ifno and check if the phone you want to buy is legal.

iPhone Carrier / Lock Status / Warranty Check - news image on

iPhone Carrier / Lock Status / Warranty Check

With us everything is working without a break and without problems. In recent days, many sites gives wrong informations about iPhones status. In our service it is working fine. Here you will learn more ...

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Why check the IMEI number?

As we know nowadays the amount of fake phone is staggering. Sometimes there is a peculiar situation so that a few weeks before the official release of smartphone appears on the markets of Asia. In addition to an almost identical appearance, and often the same name, the technical parameters of this phone leaves much to be desired and the functionality of the fakes has nothing to do with the original.

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TAC database update

We are pleased to inform that recently we have added to the database more than 4,000 new TAC numbers. Simultaneously announce that we constantly working to improve our website and expanding TAC numbers database. At the moment our database contains nearly 45,000 TAC numbers but soon will be the most accurate and largest in the world!

Over 10.000.000 IMEI`s checked - news image on

Over 10.000.000 IMEI`s checked

We are proud to inform that our service, in 16 months working, has checked over 10,000,000 (ten million)IMEI numbers. And almost 44,000 people like us on FB. This will be an extra motivation for us to develop the site.


Motorola Warranty Check - news image on

Motorola Warranty Check

We are proud to inform about new useful function on our site: Motorola Warranty Check. This function allows to check warranty and other informations about Motorola phones. Information comes directly from Motorola database.


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Free iPhone check

Next good news from Free iPhone Checking service is back. Restored the possibility of free iPhone checking.


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Black List Checker

We are proud to inform about new useful function on our site: Phone Blacklist Check. With the Blacklist Checking service you can check whether the phone is reported to the operator as blacklisted.