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iPhone Gmail account set up - news image on

iPhone Gmail account set up

All of us know how nowadays the mailbox is needed. Now, we couldn’t imagine using our smartphones without a Gmail account on it. With our little hand, you will be able to add all your email contacts and use Mail, Calendar, and even Contacts straight in your Mail app

Which iPhone 12 works in my country? - news image on

Which iPhone 12 works in my country?

Apple has just released iPhone 12! We really have been waiting for it impatiently. iPhone 12 has a lot of great features to offer, however, the below article is not about tools you can find in the Apple iPhone. The point is that a different iPhone 12 model corresponds to different countries. Therefore, it is extremely important to make sure that you are buying the right one. As always, you can count on us! Below you can find the detailed table in which models for particular countries are written out.

How to choose the better charger for your iPhone? - news image on

How to choose the better charger for your iPhone?

The bigger and better Apple batteries, the bigger screens and more powerful processors the company has on the iPhone. This means that we all still need to recharge our iPhones regularly. iPhones use a slightly different wireless charging than Android devices, so if you care about fast charging it is important that you look for PD (Power Delivery) as this is the device used in Apple iPhones. Without it, the quick charger does not charge quickly.

The best free iPhone games of 2020 - news image on

The best free iPhone games of 2020

Free iPhone games have a reputation for being crap and full of IAPs. But tons of great free titles are waiting for your nervous thumbs up - if you know where to look for them. Here we prepared for you a list with some the greatest games for your Apple mobile. Let's try them and find out which is the better one for you.

The most dangerous computer viruses - news image on

The most dangerous computer viruses

The world is now afraid of COVID-19, but that doesn't mean our computers and smartphones are suddenly safe. Computer viruses, as appalling as they may seem, are a big nightmare that can disrupt your PC's performance significantly. Apparently, their purpose is to spoil your innocent machine by making it helpless and sick. Let's look at some of these viruses, and be careful of your PC or mobile.

Are IMEI checkers safe? - news image on

Are IMEI checkers safe?

IMEI number is a unique identification or serial number that all mobile phones and smartphones have. Nowadays, you can use your IMEI to check more information about your device. On the web, you can meet IMEI checkers, but have you ever wonder is it safe to give your phone the main number to an unknown website? Let's look at this article and find out why some reasons are good to use IMEI checkers such as!

iOS14 on stock now! - news image on

iOS14 on stock now!

So here it is! The latest APPLE release. From now on, all users of iPhones from 6s up can refresh the firmware version! A brand new, pimped-out version of iOS will surprise and satisfy the most demanding users. Read the following article and discover all surprises prepared from the APPLE team for all of us. It really is impressive! Not only functionality has been improved, but also the visual side. 

iPhone 12 - First Things To Do - news image on

iPhone 12 - First Things To Do

If you finally get your new iPhone 12 is high time to do some obvious and important things. After unpacking the device, you've gone through the setup screens and now you're staring at the icon grid. What now? In this article, we prepared for you a list of things that you must do straight away after get your new Apple device.