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Protected or Unprotected

Invalid IMEI.

The  Find Device Status is one most important info to check before buying a second-hand XIAOMI. We provide completely free service to check Mi Cloud information. Let's check out if your XIAOMI is locked and let's make sure that your device is protected. You are only a few steps away from checking the security and Mi Cloud status of any XIAOMI device!


XIAOMI Find Device StatusWe recommend using the XIAOMI Find Device checker especially when you would like to buy a used phone. It's worth to make sure that your device is unlocked and simply ready for a new user.

We also encourage you to check the Mi Cloud Status if you lost your Xiaomi phone. In that case, you should lock the device associated with the Xiaomi account. By using our info you can make sure that the Find Device feature was activated correctly. It will allow you to locate your phone and keep your data safe.

How to Check Find Device Status by using IMEI Number?

  1. First of all, let's open the website.
  2. Afterward, enter the IMEI Number of your XIAOMI and use CHECK button.
  3. The page with XIAOMI info should pop up. Let’s find here the FREE CHECKS tab.
  4. Here you can use different check service. In order to get Mi Cloud status choose Check "Find Device" Status
  5. Confirm the operation by tapping on Check XIAOMI "Find Device" Status
  6. Wait for the XIAOMI Mi Cloud report.
  7. The information about Find Device Status should appear on the screen.

What information you can get from XIAOMI Find Device Report?

  1. Find Device Status - it could be ON or OFF. It is the information about the activation of Mi Cloud security feature.
  2. Protection Information- it could be PROTECTED or UNPROTECTED.
    If the device with this IMEI number has been associated with XIAOMI account the phone has the security features which can be used in order to protected data, remotely hard reset or locate XIAOMI.  Just take a look at the example of such results:

Protected Xiaomi


Unprotected Xiaomi


Is it possible to remove XIAOMI Mi Cloud Lock?

Yes, you can unlock XIOAMI device and remove Find Device protection. The Mi Cloud removing process can be accomplished by using the IMEI Number. If you would like to turn off your XIAOMI Mi Cloud protection we recommend you to use this service: XIAOMI Unlock Service

Check out our other instructions about XIAOMI Mi Cloud Protection:

UPDATE:  If you want to check the Xiaomi Warranty Status you can use our Xiaomi Warranty Status & More Check. For Xiomi Warranty & Activation Status check we are offering always working, paid service. Just enter your IMEI below and make an order:

This IMEI number is invalid!

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