Why should you back up your device?

Don't underestimate it!

In a world where phones are part of our lives, it has become quite common to safe your device. In fact, phones are slowly taking over the roles that have been played by PCs for many years now. Discover what the risks are of not taking the time to store your data on a backup device or a cloud service.

While there are tons of how-to articles on how to backup a mobile device, firstly is important to understand why you should do so. Look at some of these reason for making time to backup a device. 


Reasons to backup your phone:

  • Protecting from theftBackup phones

    Smartphones are stolen on a very regular basis. Imagine if you had some very important data on your mobile and then you lose your phone. Of course, you need to be alert but it's good to be protected as well. Theft is not a new word for us and we all know the later consequences.
  • Hardware Failure

    This is the most common problem with data nowadays. Phones can failure every time and you should be obligated to be prepared for it! Remember also about upgrades. Upgrading a device is a good idea, however, be aware it can also cause you to lose important data. It often happens that all personal data is completely deleted after the operating system upgrade.
  • Protection from mistakes

    We are not perfect and it is normal for us to make mistakes like deleting data without intending. Sometimes many smartphones owners have lost or permanently damaged a device by dropping it in water. Although, in some cases, you can recover some of your data, even if the device it's no longer works.

How to backup your phone?

Okay, so now you realize how important is backup your phone. It's high time we take a look at a method of doing the backup. In this video below you can see how to do it properly:

How often do you have to backup your phone?

It depends on the importance of your files. Large corporations have substantially no room for mistake towards their data. A company should have systematically scheduled backups executed on a daily basis. By doing it more often, this will minimize the risk that your system faces. Actually it's better to use automatically scheduled backups to avoid user error. For example in iPhone's, you can backup your phone by using iCloud. When you set your phone to backup to iCloud, all you have to do is plug it at night then make sure it's connected to WiFi and lock the screen. During the night it will backupand be fully charged and ready to go in the morning. 

Automatically backups at iPhone's

  1. In the beginning, turn on your phone and click Settings.
    iPhone settings
  2. Then choose Apple ID and click on iCloud.
    Aplle ID - iPhone
  3. After that, tap on iCloud Backup.
    iCloud - iPhone
  4. Finally, switch the button to on.
    Backup iPhone
  5. Great! Your data will be backup automatically.

Last successful backup

I recommend checking occasionally to make sure everything is still backing up as expected but, other than that, you don't need to be worry and think very much about it.

Here you can check your Last successful backup:
last Backup

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