What you need to know before you buy a phone overseas?

Important informations about buying phones from abroad

Before buying a new device you should know some important things, especially when we are buying it from abroad. Often phones abroad are cheaper, maybe in your region, your dream phone is unavailable. There are some reasons why we decide to buy a device overseas. In this article, we want to talk about which important thing you need to check until you buy a device.

Without a doubt, the safest way is to purchase a new phone in your country. You must know if anything goes wrong with the handset, you can always contact a local point to get it repaired under warranty. For sure you don't want to spend a fortune shipping it overseas and back.


Can it be a fake announcement?

Yes of course! Presumably, you don't know who the seller is. If the price seems too good, then you should consider if this advertisement is true or false. There are crooks everywhere. A good idea is to check the feedback in the seller's profile before placing a bid. Some people just want to quickly make money on someone else's costs, and the import smartphone market has a large share of suspicious dealers that can be avoided. If you can't find any reviews or other references online, it could be a scammer. Well-established traders should really be online with user recommendations, partnerships and opinions, and this should go beyond their own websites.

Check warranty

Sellers almost always offer a warranty but how we can trust them? To be honest, when you buy a phone abroad likely there is no warranty on this device. Even if the website says you do, you probably won't. Remember, when you are buying a phone directly from a foreign supplier instead of the local seller, he must also comply with the same legal restriction. The challenge is that prosecuting a warranty claim against an entity thousands of kilometres away can be a nightmare, requiring many emails, forms and delays.

Is it unlocked?

Many phones are locked to the carrier, so always be careful if you are not buying a very expensive and useless brick. Otherwise, if you are buying a new phone then it shouldn't be locked. You can also easily check if the device is locked or no. All that you need is IMEI number of the phone which you want to buy.

  1. Firstly enter your IMEI number to the empty bracket and click check:
    IMEI number
  2. Or just enter IMEI number in the field below and click Check Sim-Lock Status:

    This IMEI number is invalid!

  3. Now you can see the whole specification of your phone, then click Sim-Lock Status.
    Sim Lock
  4. After that click at Make an order and wait 5-10 minutes.
    Make an order

  5. Sample check results:
    Simlock results

Will it work on my network?

Of course one of the first things you have to check is whether your phone will work on your network. Different countries use different frequencies to transmit calls. The most common cellular technology is GSM, and it's widely used throughout much of the world. Every phone has a different specification, so it's important to check the specs on your phone of choice, as well as knowing which network you want to use it on.


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