What You Need to Know About The Truth About Lie Detector Test Costs

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Have you ever wondered how much a lie detector test costs? This document will guide you through everything you need to know. Lie detector tests, also known as polygraph tests, are used to determine if someone is telling the truth. The cost of these tests can vary based on different factors.

We will explore what affects the price and why it might be worth the investment. Whether for personal reasons or work-related issues, understanding the cost helps you make better decisions.

Let's uncover the truth about the lie detector test cost.

What You Need to Know About The Truth About Lie Detector Test Costs

Base Cost

The base cost of a lie detector test typically includes several key components. First, you pay for the time and expertise of a certified examiner, who has undergone specialized training to conduct the test accurately.

The fee also covers the use of the polygraph machine, a sophisticated piece of equipment that measures physiological responses. Additionally, the cost often includes an initial consultation where the examiner explains the process and answers any questions you might have.

Lastly, most base costs cover the analysis and interpretation of the test results, as well as a detailed report summarizing the findings. Understanding these inclusions helps you know what to expect when paying for a lie detector test.


The location where you take the lie detector test can greatly influence the cost. In big cities, the demand for these tests is higher, and so are the prices. You might pay between $300 and $500 in metropolitan areas.

However, in smaller towns, the cost could be as low as $200. The cost also depends on whether the test is done at a private office or your place. Traveling fees may apply if the examiner comes to you.

Always ask about all potential fees upfront to avoid surprises. Check reviews and ratings of local examiners to ensure you are getting a fair price for a reputable service.

Experience of the Examiner

The experience of the examiner has a significant impact on the cost of a lie detector test. Seasoned professionals usually charge more due to their expertise and reputation. An experienced examiner ensures more accurate and reliable results. For example, EyeCanKnow Mobile Lie Detection Test employs highly skilled examiners, which can justify a higher price.

On the other hand, less experienced examiners might offer cheaper rates but can compromise the quality of the test. It's essential to verify the qualifications and track record of your examiner.

Always opt for certified professionals to get the best results and value for your money. Investing in an experienced examiner can make a significant difference in the outcome of your test.

Length of the Test

The length of the test also affects the cost. Most lie detector tests last between one to two hours. Tests of longer duration usually cost more because they require more of the examiner's time and expertise.

A typical one-hour test may cost around $200 to $300. If the test takes two hours, you might pay up to $500.

Some tests include a pre-test interview, the actual test, and a post-test review. Each part adds to the total time and cost.

Shorter tests might be cheaper but could miss important details. It is important to find out how long the test will be and what it includes before agreeing to the service.

Number of Questions

The number of questions asked in a lie detector test can influence the cost. Typically, a test includes around 10 to 15 questions, but some tests may allow for more.

The more questions you ask, the longer the test takes and the higher the price. It's crucial to focus on key questions to save time and money.

A lie detector test app might offer a cheaper alternative by limiting the number of questions. However, using an app can compromise accuracy.

Always discuss how many questions are included in the cost with your examiner. Make sure you understand any extra charges for additional questions to avoid surprises during the test.

Purpose of the Test

The purpose of a lie detector test can affect its cost. Tests for personal reasons, like resolving family disputes, might cost less.

On the other hand, tests for legal purposes or job screenings can be more expensive due to stricter standards and the need for high accuracy. These tests may also require additional paperwork, which adds to the cost.

Knowing why you need the test helps you choose the right service. Be clear about your reason with the examiner so they can tailor the test to your needs. Understanding the test's purpose ensures you get accurate and relevant results, making it a worthwhile investment.

Additional Fees

There might be extra fees when booking a lie detector test. Some services charge a consultation fee to discuss your needs before the test.

Travel fees can apply if the examiner has to come to your location. These fees range from $50 to $150. Sometimes, you may need to pay for a written report of the results, which can cost an extra $100.

In case you need a quick appointment, an urgent scheduling fee might add to your total cost. Always ask your examiner about any potential additional fees before scheduling the test. Clear communication ensures you understand the total cost and avoid unexpected charges.

Reputation and Demand

The reputation of the examiner and the demand for their services can impact the cost of a lie detector test. Exam providers with strong reputations and many positive reviews tend to charge more. High demand also drives up prices, especially for well-known examiners who frequently get booked.

Always research and read reviews before choosing an examiner. Reliable professionals might cost more, but they provide better accuracy and trustworthiness.
On the flip side, low-cost examiners might lack credibility and quality. Striking a balance between reputation and price ensures you get the best value. Investing in a reputable examiner ensures reliable results you can trust.

The Lie Detector Test Cost Can Vary Based on Multiple Factors

Understanding the factors that influence the lie detector test cost helps you make an informed decision. Whether it's the examiner's experience, location, or additional fees, knowing what to expect ensures you get the best value.

Always choose a reputable examiner for accurate results. Budgeting for these costs ensures no surprises and a smoother testing experience. Remember, a reliable lie detector test can offer peace of mind and clarity.

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