What does it mean that the device was "refurbished"?

Is it worth to buy a refurbished phone?

These days, everyone from us has a mobile phone. Mobile telephony is growing at a very fast pace, which means that they are becoming more and more expensive. What can you do to buy your dream model without spending a fortune? You can buy a used phone, or refurbished.  What is it?

How many times you have wondered, how to get a better phone at a lower price? Refurbished phones can be something for you. Just check an article.

What does refurbished means?

Simply put, the device with the term refurbished has been returned because of a fault, or because the first buyer change their mind about it. After that, it was renewed by a manufacturer or authorized service.
Not all phones described as refurbished were at one stage faulty, though. Some networks and retailers classify refurbished phones as phones returned by customers who have changed their minds within the 30-day withdrawal period after signing the contract. For example, it can be a little problem with the battery, and a manufacturer is obligated to repair it and after that, it can be sell again.












Should I buy a refurbished phone?

Yes of course! Most significantly, you can save money. Buying a used phone is not the same as buying refurbished.
Let’s face it, a phone has been the must-have piece of tech for the last decade. Buying refurbished phones might be a good alternative to buy a better model at a lower price. When you buy a refurbished phone, especially when you go to a reputable company, you can be sure that the product you are buying has been rigorously checked over to make sure it's working properly.

What about a warranty?

This is an important one to check on. If you decided to buy a used phone there is a little guarantee it will work or how long.
If you buy a refurbished phone from a producer, you can be sure that you have a warranty. Here you have a list of some manufacturer with the warranty their offer.

Refurbished warranty
   Company   length of warranty
   iPhone   12 months
   Samsung   12 months
   HTC   6 months





Always remember to make sure you're buying from a trader to ensure you're getting maximum protection. The key is always to look for positive reviews. eBay and Amazon are great for this as both have strong integrated feedback systems. 

How to recognize a refurbished phone?

The main thing that, confirms that the phone you purchased is not new is a box, which is more basic than when the phone was originally bought. In case, you want to know if your phone was refurbished or no, just read our article about Refurbished iPhone Checker at our website.

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