What does factory reset mean?

Hard Reset Operation Details

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Repeatedly do you hear about the operation called Factory Reset in various technological devices, especially smartphones, but you have no idea what it really is? If you would like to find out what it is all about, then you've just found the right place. Below, you will discover all the details related to this concept, you will learn what this whole process is all about and when it is worth to carry it out.

All about factory reset

Factory Reset is used to describe the removal process of all user data from the smartphone and restore it back to original, factory settings. It effectively removes all the data from the device, as it is resetting the software found in the device to its original, manufacturer settings. It can be compared to hard drive reformatting in a PC.
Despite the fact that the Factory Reset perfectly cleans the phone from files and customized settings, data present on other media, such as a secure digital card, is not affected at all.

Other terms which are used to describe the factory reset are: master reset, hard reset or hardware reset.

Factory Reset Details

What Factory Reset removes?

  • all user data
  • third-party applications
  • associated application data
  • settings found on the device

When shall I perform a Factory Reset?

Factory reset may be used in various issues associated with your smartphone’s usage. Exemplary, once your smartphone is running extremely slow, or you need to resolve some software issues, such operation will fully clean the device, which will make it run faster and more efficiently. Also, before selling or giving the phone as a gift, you ought to make sure that none of your data is left in the meanders of the device’s internal storage. Moreover, it will improve the efficiency of the reset phone and increase the pleasure for the new owner, who would be able to set it up from scratch.

Is it safe to perform Hard Reset?

Frequently asked question is if Factory Reset is safe. With all the certainty and responsibility we answer: yes. Performing Hard Reset is a safe operation and should not cause any damage to your smartphone. Once Factory Reset is finished, your smartphone will be as fresh as a daisy. The software and set of applications will return to the manufacturer's settings.

Before performing a Hard Reset please remember to make copies of your data. Reset operation is irreversible and you will not be able to restore previous data and settings. 
If you have no idea how to activate the backup feature, take a look at the below tutorial and smoothly save your data.

How can I perform a Factory Reset?

Hard Reset can be accomplished in many ways and a number of the possibilities depends on the specific device and their operating system. In some cases, the factory reset option can be reached from the settings, through the recovery mode or with some secret code.
All the available methods of performing a factory reset, for almost all devices, are presented on HardReset.Info YouTube Channel, so just locate your devices' model and come along with the detailed tutorial. For those, who prefer text rather than video instructions, details for exemplary Android device can be found on It is the biggest hard reset database where you can find all factory reset methods. You will locate there also tutorials for iOS smartphones, check out this Apple Factory Reset Instructions.

Types of Hard Reset

1. Recovery Mode | Hardware Keys

The most common method of resetting, which allows resetting via a secret module. Once you know the special key combinations, you can activate Recovery Mode with Factory Date Reset option included. This method will enable you to reset your smartphone, even if your screen lock protection is activated. You can accomplish the factory reset and bypass the PIN Code, Pattern, Fingerprint or whichever lock screen you have. 

2. Settings 

The great method which enables you to wipe all the data from your device through the Settings. Within just a couple of seconds, you can locate the specific Factory Reset feature and perform this operation on your device.

3. Other Methods

Then, other methods depend on the devices' model. Different manufacturers offer different possibilities. One of them is a secret code, which allows wiping all data through the phone dialer's keys. Some producents offer Flash method, which requires connecting the phone to your PC.

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