What to do with old cell phones?


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Don't know what to do with your old cell phone? Do not throw away old phones until you check out ideas that can give old phones a new life - even if only for parts. Let's check our article!


Old smartphone

Things to do with old cell phones

Repurpose it

If it's an older smartphone, you can take part in all sorts of cool projects. You can change it into a dedicated media player for your car. You can make a dedicated alarm clock out of it. You can change it into a dedicated VoIP device.

Reactive it again

If the phone still works, you can activate it for yourself or someone in the family. If you have the right device and are a Ting customer, you can keep the device in your account.

Give it away

If your phone still has some life, but you don't use it, consider giving it to a charity. Programs such as the National Coalition against Domestic Violence and cell phones for soldiers will find your old (working) phone in a new, valued home. You can also check with local shelters if they want to remove the device from their hands.

Sell it

If it's an older phone that you no longer use but is not outdated, sell it. You can sell your device using Glyde or one of the other used broker services.

If you decide to work independently and sell on eBay or Craigslist, you'll be able to keep all sales revenues instead of lowering. Whether the trouble is worth the extra money is up to you.

Recycle it

If none of the above solutions is right for you - maybe your phone is damaged beyond repair or completely outdated - you need to dispose of it. Garbage is not the right place; will have to be recycled.

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