Travelling to Poland? Find best SIM-only deals that will save you money

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If you are planning to spend some time in that country in the middle of Europe, it would be wise not to waste money where you could easily make it stay in your pocket. If you have a "weak" tariff that doesn't provide sufficient comfort while roaming abroad, you should know which deals are best in the place of your destination.

How to easily find best SIM-only deals in Poland?

Prepaid SIM cards are pretty popular. In fact, in Poland you even get more data in the country for a much better price in comparison to contract deals. If you make a small effort and use around 10 minutes of your time, you will be easily able to find a good tariff from a reputable mobile operator. The only thing you will have to remember though is to register the card - just show your Passport or ID card at the place you bought it. The staff will know what to do.

Getting back to the topic - for a quick and easy way to find great mobile deals, I recommend visiting a dedicated website. I encourage you to check one of the most popular Polish offer aggregators - They've been on the market for several years now and their rankings can offer a detailed enough insight into the prices and deal details.

While the website is in Polish, it is not difficult to find what you want and understand the information. The price, amount of Internet you get, speed after the GB package is used and data package in UE roaming is all that you need to figure out which one will suit your needs. Plus, you can sort the deals by these factors - how easier it could get?

Here's the link to the Best SIM-Only Deals in Poland. The author writes about the 5 best-pre-paid deals for each month and down below you will find the table I've mentioned. This is all you require to know which SIM to buy when you travel to that beautiful country.

Yes, I know you may want to get decent network coverage. Let me tell you this - in Poland, there are 4 major companies: Plus, Orange, T-Mobile and Play. In addition, you can choose among many other virtual operators (MVNOs), which in fact must use the infrastructure of one of these four. And I must tell you - every one of them is decent enough to offer good quality of calls and Internet speed.

My personal advice - if you are going to the mountains, Plus may have better coverage there. In cities - I prefer Orange, which usually won't disappoint you. T-Mobile is also not a bad choice, but I would avoid Play - even though they keep trying to extend the coverage, Poles still tend to complain about it.

Where to get a SIM card in Poland

Looking at offers and comparing them is obviously not enough to get what you need. And you need a physical card to be able to insert it into your device. If you'd be happier with eSIM, it is also possible to obtain one, but would require a visit to the mobile operator's store. Standard cards - you can get them almost everywhere: in groceries, newsagents, supermarkets, gas stations, post offices...

As I mentioned earlier - if you want to use a Polish SIM card in your phone, make sure you register your new number straight after you bought it. Every employee of such stores can do it for you - just hand in your ID documents and let them put your details in the system. After a couple of minutes, you will become a customer of a new mobile operator! You don't need a local PESEL number for this - if someone gives you this information, just go to another store, as they may be misinformed. 

What else you should remember about

You need to keep in mind that if you want to use a Polish SIM card, your phone cannot be locked. These days more and more smartphones are unlocked to work with every piece of plastic, however, make sure you won't have to deal with this while on your trip.

I wish you pick the best offer for your and have a pleasant stay in Poland!

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