Things to check in a used Apple Watch

What you need to know about Apple Watch before buying?

Nowadays, watches are costly small devices. Particularly if your dream is Apple Watch. Sometimes the solution can be a used Apple Watch. Let's check if it will pay off for you and what you must know about the device before buying it.

Apple Watch is a good fitness tracker, it's a fantastic replacement for the phone during for example running or bicycling. It has a lot of advantages but the price is high. Is it worth to buy a used one? In this article, we will attempt to answer this question.

Advantages of Apple Watch

Apple Watch

  • Activity - as I told you already Apple Watch is fabulous during running or bicycling. You don't need more your smartphone when you want to do the activity. You have everything just with your watch.
  • Music playback - Apple lets you synchronize some music to Apple Watch - up to 2GB or 500 songs.
  • Maps - You have your watch all the time on your wrist, so it's an opportunely placed screen for getting direction.
  • Siri - is one of the best intelligent voice assistants, Siri can open any app on your Watch by request.
  • Games - yes, even games! When you are bored you can just play any game only by using Watch.
  • and many more: Digital Touch, Heart Rate, Calendar...

Should you buy a used Apple Watch?

Apple statistically has one new model of the same product out every year. It's time when most of Apple lovers will sell their old devices to buy new ones. Then, it's an opportunity to buy the old version for less money.Of course, you can save some money buying used Apple Watch, that's the most reason why people decided to do it, but remember to be open-eyed. If I want to respond to the main question: Yes! It is worth buy used Apple Watch. But also there are some things which you need to check before buying it.

What do I need to check before buying a used Apple Watch?

  • Proof of purchase
    Before purchasing a used Apple Watch, you need to know if the seller got it legally. It's fine if the seller has proof so you can make sure it wasn't stolen.
  • Activation Lock
    Remember when you buying a pre-owned Apple Watch, ensure the Activation Lock has been removed before completing your purchase. 
  • Check for damage
    Checking the Watch for damages should be the first thing you'll do. Check if there is an issue with side button and Home button. Besides, you should look if the straps or the screen are damaged.

How to connect Apple Watch with iPhone?

When you already decide to buy your Apple Watch, the next significant matter is How to connect it to the iPhone?
The answer is easy and you can learn it from our video:

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