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Thanks to all of you, the HardReset have just reached 19k hard reset tutorials! It wouldn’t be possible without you and your constant support - all of the comments and suggestions. We are truly grateful because you are the reason and are the best and the biggest databases with GSM information and instructions.

We are constantly improving and we invite all of you to visit our YouTube channel which is created just for you. What we do there is publish a variety of tutorials about factory reset, soft reset, activating hidden functions and modules in many different devices. You can read more about our articles right here:

In order to meet your expectation we are motivated to keep helping you in the most visual way possible - by updating our YouTube channel daily with tutorials for anything you may need. So if you are looking for the hard reset method, flash tutorials, insert SIM card instructions, secret codes or other useful viedos visit our HardReset.Info Channel. If our tutorials are helpful please subscribe to our channel and leave thumbs up.

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