Student Education as the Gateway to a Fulfilling Career

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The questions about education's purpose and relevance feed the never-ending discussion. On the one hand, it is obvious that a solid education grants you a basic understanding of the field and beats the imposter syndrome, at the very least. On the other hand, high student loans and more than five years spent on education may seem outdated in the twenty-first century.

So, what is the correct answer? Is it worth it to endure the classes, learn from every essay writing service you can reach, and spend your nights learning? Let’s figure that out together. 

Why education matters: Three non-obvious goals of pursuing an education

The traditional perspective on education comes from the nineteenth century’s industrial growth. Up to that time, education was required only of some special parts of society, including priests, aristocrats, and the wealthy elite. However, industrialization needed many skilled workers to serve the manufacturing system. Therefore, education provides a competent workforce for industries and salary security for workers. But what does education propose for modern youth?

Soft skills and sustainable motivation

The common belief is that the student can gain all knowledge without any institution involved. Indeed, why waste four years for a bachelor’s degree if you can google? 

The answer to this question is a comfortable and sustainable studying environment and soft skills. Here are some points that make institutional learning still valuable:

  • It provides students with a steady schedule, which simplifies their motivation. Rare teenagers can motivate themselves to learn full courses without external motivation. 
  • You may google the information, but you may not gain your skills easily. Soft skills, such as flexibility and critical thinking, are trained but not found. Visiting classes and doing assignments five days a week is the best way to grow your competencies. 
  • Education provides the possibility to learn from masters in a one-on-one format. Online courses and printed material cannot replace learning through human interactions. 

Useful contacts 

Although it is not the most honorable part of the modern world, we all know that “who you know” is essential to the corporate environment. Of course, you cannot use your contacts in unethical ways. However, you can address them to know possible career opportunities and the healthiness of the corporate culture. 

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Beating up the imposter syndrome

Being a newbie in your first job is a complicated task, even after pursuing your education. However, it can become a self-conscious nightmare if you don't have one. Education guarantees employers that a candidate is a persistent and responsible person. You can be trusted with work projects if you successfully finish your courses. Without a decent proof of your education, convincing the employer of your reliability can be complicated. 

Three cons of pursuing an education: How to diminish them and improve your career chances

Despite the benefits of education, there are also some essential problems in getting a degree. Apart from the high cost of education, students also struggle with skills mismatch and mental health challenges. Although students always talk about these issues, they miss the easy ways to diminish these problems:

  1. High cost.
    To reduce the cost of education, you can consider new hybrid forms of schooling, mixing online and offline classes and reducing the cost. For instance, some modern suggestions include “low residency options.” This form of education promises to gain popularity in the next decade. 
  2. Skills mismatch.
    Yes, the common problem for students is finding a gap between their educational qualifications and job requests. However, it is not the problem of the university courses but students’ career planning. Before pursuing education, research current job positions and their requirements. You can analyze grooving trends to determine potential labor demand in the next five years. For instance, Forbes writes about AI efficiency as one of the key competencies for the future. 
  3. Mental health challenges.
    Test pressure, complicated workload, and stressful environment are indeed the cons of getting a degree. However, the bad news is that it gets worse at work. College and university are good for correcting perfectionism and learning your studying style. This way, you will know your weak and strong sides when you have your first entry-level job. 

Direct correlation between education and career: What interests employers?

Finally, let’s discuss some particular points that interest potential employers in your education. Here are the tips on how to present your education achievement as relevant to the company and your career prospects:

  • Your classes can be directly transferred into your competencies. For instance, if you complete social studies in college, you can work with clients of different backgrounds. 
  • Analyze your soft skills gained through education. If anything, you definitely have expertise in problem-solving skills and stress management after pursuing a bachelor’s degree. 
  • Highlight your hard skills and practical capacities. For example, employers are interested in candidates capable of cross-position assignments. 

Overall, even the modern digitalized world does not diminish the importance of education. A fulfilling career requires an entry-level employee to be already prepared for multiple professional and psychological challenges. Formal education is still valuable for efficient gift skill training if not for information and knowledge.

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