Streaming services apart from Netflix in the Philippines

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Netflix is one of many streaming services available in the Philippines, but there are other servers. Other services provide viewers easy access to shows, dramas, thrillers, and documentaries without VPN services.

If you feel as if Netflix's catalogue has exhausted itself, here are several top streaming services in the Philippines which allow you to enjoy shows from various genres.



Apple TV+

Apple TV+, a streaming service from tech giant Apple, currently features an ever-expanding library. Although it does not compare with services like Netflix or HBO regarding selections, every month brings new original documentaries, dramas, comedies, thrillers and other forms to enjoy on Apple TV+.

Amazon Prime Video 

Amazon Prime Video is an award-winning streaming service offering access to an expansive library of Amazon Originals and award-winning movies and TV shows from various TV networks. Amazon also owns the popular movie rating website IMDB, giving its users all kinds of information before watching a show or movie, including cast information, exclusive music rights licensing agreements and general background knowledge of each production.


Crunchyroll, an online streaming service tailored explicitly for anime enthusiasts, provides anime content such as Naruto, Boruto, One Piece and Dragon Ball Z and new releases like Haruka and Reimu. As an added feature, it gives users access to new episodes immediately after airing in Japan, making Crunchyroll an indispensable resource for anime enthusiasts looking for somewhere to watch their beloved shows.


HBO Go is a top-rated streaming service where viewers can access all their favourite shows and movies, from current series like 'Game of Thrones' to any classic show from years past. By subscribing, users can access every film or show broadcast by any HBO channel, such as Family, Signature, or Hits, from Family through Signature Hits and back again if necessary!

HBO GO and other services require a good internet connection to be enjoyed properly, so make sure yours meets your desired speed. You can check this by accessing your admin interface via default IP 10.0.1 Piso WiFi or Additionally, you can perform speed tests to learn the speed of your internet connection.


Asian Dramas for Netflix Users If you are an Asian drama enthusiast, Viu can be an invaluable service. Offering content from China, Hong Kong, Japan, Korea, Taiwan and Thailand, you can watch various TV shows with English subtitles from these Asian countries - either free or premium services are available, with premium offering features such as ad-free viewing (8 hours after episodes air on TV), unlimited downloads and full HD resolution for added benefits.

iWant TV

iWant TV channel in the Philippines provides its consumers access to TV shows and movies directly on mobile devices. This app houses the latest teleseryes, news programs, current affairs pieces, variety shows, and talk shows; movies, significant films, special iWant shows, and old shows being shown live can also be watched. Filipino audiences benefit significantly from having all entertainment options in one central place.


iFlix is an increasingly popular streaming platform in Asia, providing local and Hollywood content access. Their original titles are co-produced with local stars, and their library contains films from several major production companies. Furthermore, iFlixFREE was introduced as part of their service so users could enjoy free and limited access.


HOOQ is an entertainment streaming platform offering popular shows, cartoons, movies, live television channels like CNN, DW, and Al Jazeera and free movies for viewing. Users also have the choice to subscribe for a premium subscription or view free movies available through HOOQ.

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