HardReset.Info Russia available now


Here it is, the day has come! From now on you can reach all our devices not only in English. Another service is out now, and it is all in Russian! From now on you can reach all the details, descriptions and additional data in your native language. You can find there all the information that you are curious about. Starting with secret codes, all reset options, hidden modes and ending with less complicated operations like changing the wallpaper.

Say hi to our brand new HardReset.Info Russia. You can meet here loads of extremely interesting tutorials. Come along with all, from the most advanced to relatively simple things. You can locate here instructions for the most necessary operations, but you can also discover the completely surprising functions of your device. All you have to do is to open your browser and visit the HardReset.Info Ru website and enter the name of the device you wanna explore. Afterword, all the details and tutorials will be right in front of you.

And it is not the one and only good news for today! Can you imagine that not only written instructions are available? We also prepared advanced and detailed video tutorials. Your smartphone will no longer have any secrets from you! If you do not fully understand the instructions in English, here is a perfect solution to all your dilemmas. Check out our new Russian YouTube Channel and explore your device to its fullest. Even if previously, you found it difficult to follow the presented steps in English, now without any troubles you can come along with the perfectly prepared video in your native, Russian language.

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Stay up to date, as every day we are adding new devices and new videos. Make sure that are able to perform all the operations on your device and reach for all information available on your device. And if you are nor English neither Russian speaker person, stay tuned as we are working on many more language versions and soon they will be published!

быть в курсе

Russian Version Available Now

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