The role of IMEI in safeguarding students' mobile devices from unauthorized access

Invalid IMEI.

In today's digital age, smartphones have become essential to college students' daily lives. From communication to research and virtual lesson services, accessing information and staying connected is now easier. However, there has been a surge in the risk of unauthorized access and theft due to the increase in the use of smartphones.  As a result, students need to take the necessary measures to safeguard their devices. This is where the IMEI number comes in. The International Mobile Equipment Identity is a unique 15-digit identification number. It is distinctly assigned to every phone, allowing it to be tracked, blocked, or disabled in case of theft or loss. This article explores how IMEI helps prevent students' mobile devices from unauthorized access.

IMEI Number


Tracking lost devices

Nowadays, one of the major trends in colleges is the study of statistics science. Researchers say that more than 5 billion people worldwide own at least one smartphone and more than 70 million devices are lost each year. Students are the most avid users of smartphones because these devices are so important for education and daily life. The popularity of gadgets and the problem of their loss motivate students to enter colleges for cybersecurity specializations. As a result, mobile security has become a prominent essay and research topic in colleges and universities. Many students who don't have the skills or time to craft original essays often use Edubirdie college papers for sale to gain valuable insights into this subject. This ensures they have access to well-researched and professionally written essays. It also enhances the student's understanding of the risk of losing valuable personal and academic data stored on the device.

However, with the IMEI, there is a chance of recovering the lost or stolen phone. Most modern smartphones have built-in features that allow students to locate their devices remotely.

As a result, enabling these options will increase the chances of recovering your smartphone. Here are some methods used by network providers and security personnel to track mobile devices using IMEI:

  • GPS technology is a satellite-based navigation system that provides location and time information.
  • Cell tower triangulation.

Wiping the database

In some cases, it may not be possible to recover a lost or stolen phone using the IMEI. To mitigate this risk, it would be best to wipe the device's database remotely and restore it to its default factory settings. This will render the device useless to anyone who might have obtained it, especially if it contains sensitive information. Some of which include custom college papers, login credentials, and financial and personal data.

This can be done using various methods, depending on the phone's operating system. But the device has to be connected to the internet for the wipe command to be executed. However, this should be used as a last resort to reduce its impact on the student, as it erases all data that may be difficult or impossible to recover. Therefore, it's essential to regularly back up smartphones to avoid data loss after wiping them. These can be done using cloud-based backup services like Google Drive, iCloud, and OneDrive. With this, students will ensure they can recover their essential files and documents during a wipe. It is also important for students to use e-signature as an alternative to wet signature when working with documents on mobile devices to avoid any harmful impact on their personal or academic data. 

Blocking Access to Networks

Aside from tracking and wiping phones, IMEI is also used to restrict the device from accessing networks. Once a student reports a stolen or lost phone to the authorities, the network provider blacklists the IMEI number. The blacklist is shared with other providers, making using stolen devices for editing college essay papers more difficult. Even if the thief tries to replace the SIM card. The providers also block invalid or duplicate IMEI numbers from accessing their network services. This is because they are often associated with fraudulent activities.


IMEI number is essential for students who rely on their phones for communication, research, and academic purposes. It helps prevent theft, track lost devices, block network access, and protect personal data. The abovementioned points outlined the importance of IMEI numbers to students. As a result, you have to take steps to ensure that your devices are properly registered and secured. This will prevent unauthorized access to your device and also make sure your original essay is not compromised.

The IMEI number can be accessed by dialing *#06# on the mobile phone or checking the device's packaging or invoice. As a student, it is advisable to record the IMEI number and keep it in a safe place. This will ensure you enjoy its protection when need be. Also, it would be best to enable security features such as passcodes and biometrics to prevent unauthorized access to their devices. With these, you will enjoy the benefits of mobile technology as a student without compromising data security.




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