It is not a discovery, that the smartphone market is a huge bazaar. We can find there a lot of both used and brand new devices. But right next to simply second-hand phones, we can also find refreshed ones. We can find them in the official APPLE store and at smaller sellers. What does a refurbished device mean and how to check if your phone was refurbished? Below you will find all the needed answers. Enjoy! 

Beyond those phones, which are an obviously fake or second-hand one, we can also recognize some refurbished iPhone. Such phones can be found both in the official Apple store as well as in many other wholesalers. The question is, what it really is and how can we tell the difference between such a device and an original, brand new APPLE mobile. Let’s take a closer look at such mobiles and learn how to check if ordered iPhone has been refurbished.

APPLE iPhone Checker

What does refurbished iPhone mean?

This is a professional description of the product that was returned to the manufacturer or authorized service center where it was renewed. It could be an iPhone that the buyers just didn't like, so it went back to the store. Sometimes these are devices that have some minor and delicate flaws that the buyer did not want to have on a brand new phone. For example, it can be some small scratch or a slight defect in the form of dust under the screen. Apple Store is obliged to accept such a device and issue a new one. Such a returned iPhone is not sold as a second-hand one. The procedure is a bit different. Returned iPhone goes to the technical department, where all parts are verified and sensors are checked. Afterward, the device is sent to a central point - usually the factory - which exchanges used parts for new ones. Finally, the device is given a new IMEI number, foiled, and it goes to the pool of iPhones that are intended for a replacement for the customer who returned the device with a defect.

How to recognize a refurbished iPhone?

The commonly asked question is how to check if my smartphone is a refurbished model. You can use our trustworthy checker, which will comprehensively and accurately answer your bothering question. So let's take a look at how to use it.

How to check if my iPhone is refurbished?

  1. At the very beginning, you have to check your device's IMEI Number. If you have no idea how to find this number, come along with the detailed instruction described in How to Locate IMEI Number?
  2. Secondly, go to www.IMEI.Info website.
  3. Into the empty bracket in the middle of the screen, enter your device's IMEI Number. 
  4. Afterward, go through CAPTCHA Protection and click on CHECK.
  5. Click on the Apple Warranty & Basic Info Tab.
  6. Then, tap on Apple Warranty & Basic Info Check and wait a couple of seconds.
  7. Here it is! Now you can come along with loads of APPLE details, Refurbished info included.
    APPLE iPhone Refurbished Status

Mind that our checker will work only for models refurbished by the original manufacturer, i.e. APPLE. Devices renewed in some other way, will not be included in this checker.

APPLE iPhoneHow to Check if iPhone is New, Refurbished, or Replacement

You can tell if your device has been refurbished, replaced or is a brand new by checking your iPhone's model number. Take a look at the first letter of its string. Below, you can learn what do they mean.

  • "F" letter - is for a refurbished pattern (renovated)
  • "M" letter - is for brand new iPhone (retail unit), used for devices purchased from Official Apple Store Online or Apple Retail Store
  • "N" letter - is for replaced with a brand new device - not refurbished one.
    Mostly used for iPhone's which are replaced with a warranty caused by manufacturer's fault
  • "P" letter - is for a personalized model of the iPhone
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