What is the purpose of a SIM card in a mobile phone?


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The SIM card is otherwise known as the subscriber identity module and is used in smartphones around the world. It is an intelligent card that stores data for GSM cell phone subscribers.

SIM Card

What is a SIM Card?

SIM (Subscriber Identity Module) card is a tiny, portable memory chip that stores information about you as a cell phone user. On it, there’s a seventeen-digit code that designates its country code of origin, the system carrier (such as AT&T or Verizon), and a unique user ID.
SIM cards contain various information, for example, who pays for access and whether you have permission to use functions such as making a call or sending a text message. Otherwise, you can only use the phone to take photos or access free Wi-Fi.

Different Types of SIM Cards

There are three basic sizes of SIM cards: the standard, the micro, and the nano.

SIM sizes

  • Standard SIM
    The oldest of three types of SIM cards is usually used in all handsets before 2010, and some are issued later. It is the largest of three types of SIM cards with dimensions of 25 x 15 mm.
  • Micro SIM
    The only real difference between SIM standards is the size of the plastic around the microprocessor. Micro SIM has been developed as part of many years of work to make smartphones thinner and lighter and have dimensions of 15 x 12 mm.
  • Nano SIM
    Many newer smartphones now use the Nano SIM standard introduced in 2012. The latest Samsung and other devices have this socket 12.3 x 8.8 mm

How to replace SIM Cards?

Removing the SIM card is easy if you have the right tool. Depending on the type of phone you have, you can easily disconnect it with a paper clip or the edge of a credit card. Some SIM cards are in easier places that can be ejected with your fingertip.

Inserting or removing a SIM card is an easy process after determining where it is stored on your phone. Depending on the type of phone, it can be placed behind the battery. In this case, you need to open the back panel. For other phones, the SIM card can be found on the side of the phone.

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