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The new Samsung Galaxy S21 is now available!

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After several months of speculation and rumors, we have great news for you. Samsung Galaxy S21 is now available! It is already available for pre-sale on the market. Replace your old model with a Samsung Galaxy S21 series and enjoy new possibilities. Check out what you need to know before you buy your Samsung Galaxy S21. What to look for when buying a Samsung Galaxy S21? How to prepare for the sale of the current model? You will find the answers to these and other questions in our guide.

Samsung Galaxy S21

Samsung Galaxy S21 is undoubtedly the most anticipated premiere of 2021. Fans of the Galaxy series phones are definitely looking forward to replacing them with a newer model. The Samsung Galaxy S21 looks great not only in terms of appearance but also due to its functionality. The Samsung S21 series also offers other models such as Samsung Galaxy S21+ and Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra. However, before you decide to replace it with a newer model, check what you need to pay attention to before selling your phone. There is no need to extend it! Let's get started.

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What do you need to know before you decide to replace your phone?


1. Check IMEI numberSamsung Galaxy S21

Checking the IMEI number is the first thing we should do before we buy any phone, especially when it comes to the model that is just appearing on the market. This is a perfect opportunity for fraudsters, so before you decide to spend a few thousand on a new Samsung Galaxy S21, check its IMEI number to ensure that you have not been scammed and that your phone is not stolen.  Just click on the button below. 

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Check IMEI Number  

 2. Check warranty and origin

Another important thing that you should do before buying a phone is to check its country of origin and warranty. It is worth paying attention to this because of the lack of a phone warranty when buying it should give you a feeling that it may be stolen. Nobody wants to have additional problems, and without a guarantee, we may have a problem with returning the phone for repair, because the services require the presentation of warranty documents.

To check the warranty and origin you can easily use it to get the necessary information about the Samsung Galaxy S21 as well as any other phone.  Click the button below and check how to do it.

Check Warranty

3. Make a backup

It's always a good idea to make a backup from time to time, whether or not you're changing your phone to a new model. Probably none of us would like to lose all saved contacts, photos, and other information important to us.
A backup of your phone is important if you want to keep all your files and transfer all your content to your new device. To learn how to do this, click the button below.

How to Make a Backup?  

Samsung Galaxy S214. Perform a hard reset

Now that we have backed up our phone, it's time to do a Hard Reset. This is very important because if we plan to sell our phone, we do not want our data and all other files to fall into the wrong hands. However, before we proceed to the instructions on how to do it, let's remind you if it really is Hard Reset and why it is worth doing.

What is Hard Reset?

Hard Rest is a  software restore of phones/smartphones/tablets (as well as other electronic devices) to original system settings. This operation deletes all data, settings, passwords, and applications in the memory device.

Hard Reset operation is most commonly used to repair damaged or malfunctioning equipment or deletion of user data before the sale.

Before you can use Hard Reset always remember to make copies of your data, because the operation is irreversible, and recover previous data and settings will not be possible.


5. Delete your Google account

There is a Factory Reset function on Android smartphones that require a Google account. It is thanks to it that you can clean your smartphone the fastest, but few people know that it also provides additional protection for your smartphone in the event of theft. This is called Google FRP, or Factory Reset Protection. Well, the smartphone will become practically useless even if the thief restores its factory settings. Each time the device is started, the system will ask for the login and password of the Google account that was previously logged into it. Without it, there is no way to start the phone and use it.
Therefore, this point is very important, because a smartphone with a Google account will not be able to be used by the future legal owner of the phone. How to delete your account - after taking a data backup, of course. All you need to do is go to Settings / Accounts and delete the Google account that has been assigned to the phone. More information on how to do this can be found by clicking on the button below.

6. Data encryptionSamsung Galaxy S21

The next point is about factory reset - it's the quickest way to wipe the phone before handing it over to the next owner. But it must be added that a slightly more experienced user can try to read this data. There are ways to restore files that were deleted during a factory reset. Therefore, it is worth encrypting the data in advance - when you reset the phone, the password protecting the encryption key is deleted. An unauthorized user, even after restoring the data, will not read the files without the password. Android smartphone users must remember data encryption before performing a reset - data encryption is enabled by default in iPhones with the iOS system. It is worth adding that it takes even more than an hour, and the smartphone can be restarted several times.

How to encrypt a memory card?

  1.  First, go to Settings on your phone. 
  2. Scroll down and select the Security option from the list.
  3. Click More Settings. 
  4. Choose the Encryption and credentials option.  
  5. Right now press Encrypt memory card.   
  6. Ok, now you need to enter your lock screen password to confirm.  

7. Take care of cleanliness

Nobody likes to buy dirty things, right? Therefore, the first piece of advice is directed to make the item on display look simply inviting. Without it, we may have serious difficulties selling. A microfiber cloth is especially useful here, and if we want to use something stronger, it is worth buying or special cloths soaked in a special liquid, although you can also use those intended for glasses without major problems.

8. Prepare documents

It is also worth taking care of collecting all documents in one place. Potential buyers will appreciate if we provide the original proof of purchase, warranty card, or service reports with the kit - this will work to our advantage, especially if we sell a phone recently taken from the operator or still under the care of the manufacturer. Various accessories, such as a foil for a screen or a case, will also be welcome.

Samsung Galaxy S219. Prepare Announcement

The easiest way to reach people interested in buying our phone is via the Internet. We can post an ad on platforms such as Amazon or e.g. on a sales group on Facebook. When preparing your advertisement, it is worth remembering a few rules:

Title and profile picture key role

Advertising portals are full of various offers. Seeing the title in the style of selling a phone and a blurry photo, nobody will probably want to check, or maybe somehow it is dealing with an opportunity. In the short title, let's put the brand and model of the smartphone, or information about its technical condition or a significant advantage. Example: Samsung Galaxy S20, very good condition, under warranty. As a thumbnail of the advertisement, choose a photograph that catches the eye and makes a good impression, e.g. of the entire set sold.

Add at least a few photos

Let's take at least some clear photos of the smartphone in a good light so that interested people can see the condition of the phone.


Write the truth in the description

 If your phone has significant advantages, you should definitely mention them. However, do not write untruths or cover up any significant defects of the device. Rather, the truth will come out anyway, and it is better to avoid unpleasant situations with the buyer.

Describe the device briefly and succinctly

It is worth writing a bit of writing so that the interested person knows what he can buy. However, let's not overdo it with elaborations about the entire history of our smartphones. Let's focus on details and facts.

Set a reasonable price

It will help us to find out in advance about the situation on the used phones market. Let's see how much other people sell their phones for.

Final Thoughts

Following the above tips should not only facilitate the smartphone sale process but also do it safely. The new owner will not have access to our private data. We, however, will not receive many reactions from those who are disappointed in the purchase, because the device will be properly prepared for sale and will make a good impression.


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