What does the phone warranty cover?

Do you know everything about your Phone warranty?

We receive a warranty for each newly purchased phone, which regulates the scope of the producer's liability for the device. However, we always focus on new equipment and the warranty goes somewhere into oblivion. Maybe is it sometimes worth checking what is written there?

In the event of smartphone defects resulting from the fault of the user, the service is entitled to refuse to repair the phone under the warranty. In today's post, we discuss what the warranty covers and what does not.

What is covered?  Warranty

First of all, some factors influence the guarantee. For Example your country or phone manufacturer, but there are some problems which every warranty should cover:

  • Defective materials or parts.
  • Hardware malfunctions.
  • Manufacturing defects.

The length of the warranty depends entirely on the manufacturer.
As a rule, it is a year or two. In many cases, you'll have the option of extending your warranty for a longer period of time.

What is not covered?

The warranty attached to the newly purchased device describes the damage that is not covered by the warranty.
The most common reason for excluding the guarantor from liability include:

  • contact of the phone with liquid or moisture,
  • mechanical damage, for example, caused by a fall or impact,
  • making repairs by unauthorized person or entity.

How to check my warranty by IMEI?

In our website, you can check if your warranty is still valid and when is Coverage End Date.

  1. Enter your IMEI number to the empty bracket and click Check.
    Check IMEI

  2. Or just enter IMEI number in the field below and click Check Warranty Status:

    This IMEI number is invalid!

  3. Then you can see the whole specification of your phone. If you want to check Warranty date you should choose Apple Warranty & Basic Info.

  4. Click again at Apple Warranty & Basic Info Check, and wait 10 seconds.
    Click at Apple Warranty
  5. Now you can check Valid Purchase Date, Coverage End Date and Coverage Days Left.
    Check Apple Warranty

    In this video below you can watch it as well:


What to do before sending your phone for repair?

Okay, so now you know how to check if your phone warranty is valid or no and you found out about the major cases when your warranty is covered. In most cases, technicians has to open your faulty phone up and inspect various components for misuse or damage. Often this threatens to delete data from the phone. The manufacturer can send a replacement or refurbished phone back to you without your data. Therefore, it's a good habit to regularly backup your data. Forewarned is forearmed.

If you want to check how to backup your data watch this video:

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