Nokia (HMD) Country & Activation Status Checker


Invalid IMEI.

We welcome autumn with a brand new Nokia checkup! Today you can come along with a super useful Nokia Checker! Discover great tool, which will provide you with amazingly unique details regarding your smartphone! From now on, guarantee details like date and type or original SimLock status will not be a puzzle for you!

Nokia Device CheckerMost probably, you already know our previous Nokia Country & Activation Checker, yet this one includes a lot of more details. As was mentioned above, you can read the detailed info regarding the warranty. Then, the Activation date or Software version will not be a mystery for you as well. If you need to check if the device has the Simlock, this checker will show you such info. Yet the original setup only, if the SimLock has been removed in the meantime, then it is not included here. Only the Factory Data.

Information that can be reached

Let's come along with such advanced details as:

  • IMEI Numbers
  • Brand, Model, Device Age, Software Version
  • Manufacturer, Product Name, Model Code, Product Code
  • Warranty Start Date, Warranty End Date, Warranty Name
  • Shipment Date, Ship To Country, Sold To Country
  • Activation Date, Activation Country
  • Factory SimLock
  • Checking Date

Why Shall I Use Nokia Checker

In today's busy world, we miss a lot of information. Overwhelmed with information and obligations, we are not able to remember all the dates associated with the increasing number of owned devices. In addition, not all information can be obtained simply. And with our super tool, you can achieve extremely much information using the IMEI number only. With this great feature, you would be able to reach not only unique numbers that are assigned to your smartphone but also Shipment date, Sold To Country, Activation Date, Factory SimLock and many, many more.

How to Use Nokia (HMD) Country & Activation Status Checker

  1. At first locate your devices IMEI Number, which will be required. If you have no idea where it can be found, read the detailed tutorial on Where Can I Find IMEI Number.
  2. Secondly, enter your devices IMEI Number into the below bracket and click GO. Within a short while, you will be redirected to the site with the whole device's specification.

    This IMEI number is invalid!

  3. Afterward, choose Warranty Date & Activation Status, located under Free Checks.
    Nokia Warranty Date & Activation Status
  4. Pick Check Nokia (HMD) Country & Warranty Status tab.
    Check Nokia (HMD) Country & Warranty Status
  5. And here we've got it! Now you can come along with the wide list of Nokia details.
    Advanced Nokia Details
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    Wenn ich die IMEI von meinem Nokia 6 (TA-1021) eingebe, dann erscheinen falsche Bilder und auch die technischen Daten stimmen nicht mit meinem TA-1021 überein. Sicher können bei jeder Datenbank Fehler auftreten. Aber hier stimmen die angezeigten Daten weder mit dem Nokia TA-1021, noch mit dem Nokia 6 überein. Sicher können Sie diese Unstimmigkeiten aufklären.

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    Thanks For Sharing This Wonderful Trick