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Are you a member of LG fun club? Come along with our super and extremely useful checker, which will exceed your wildest expectations. This super feature will provide you with loads of truly advanced details, like warranty start and end date, carrier code, manufacture date, CSN Number and many, many more. Readable and easy to use tool will make yourself feel comfy while checking hidden information about your beloved LG.

LG Device

And here it is, great checker dedicated to all LG users. Hardly ever can you meet both, quick and advanced feature. But, the time has come! No need to remind that it is amazingly important to have knowledge about phone, rights, and dates. By using our super feature you can come along with many significant details.

All you have to do is to connect some smartphone or PC to the network, open our browser and enter IMEI Number. If you have no idea what IMEI Number is, come along with articles about What IMEI Number is and How to Locate IMEI Number. Afterward, everything will be done for you. Within a short while, you will be provided with a bunch of important particulars regarding your device. That will definitely impress you much! Take a look and learn what information you can gain with this checker and how to actually use it.

Details provided by LG Checker

  • Brand, Model, IMEI, Serial Number, Suffix, ESN, CSN Number
  • Manufacture Date, Shipped from factory, Estimated Phone Age
  • Warranty Start, Warranty End
  • Region, Country, Provider
  • Carrier Code, Carrier Name, Location Code
  • Software version, Software Download
  • Last Firmware Version (option to download it included)

How to Use LG Checker?

  1. Begin with opening the browser and going to
  2. To the bracket located in the middle of the screen, enter your device's IMEI Number.
    Enter LG IMEI Number
  3. Thirdly, go through the Captcha protection and click on Check.
    Captcha Protection
  4. Under Free Checks, you will notice Check LG Phone details. Select it.
    LG Details Checker
  5. Afterward, pick Check LG Phone details tab and wait a couple of seconds.
    Check LG Phone Details
  6. Finally, come along with all the details regarding your LG!
    LG Device's Details

As you can see, in one place you have access to a lot of information related to your device. It is extremely important to use such aids because it relates to the device you use every day. It will not be abusive to say that for most of us that is the most important gadget, hiding the most valuable data, documents, photos, and information. That is why we should take care of our smartphones and permanently extend knowledge about them. In this case, you don't have to spend too much time because we've gathered all the most important essentials in one place so that you don't have to worry about it and spend many hours finding them! Enjoy!

UPDATE:  There is also Blacklist checker available for all brands including LG. Check if your phone is Clean or Blacklisted (Lost / Stolen). Just enter your IMEI below and make an order:

This IMEI number is invalid!

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