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Invalid IMEI.

Brand new Warranty / SN / Country Checker is available now! From now on, you will be able to find super-advanced information regarding your Lenovo device. No longer is forgotten warranty date a problem. Stop asking yourself when the guarantee of each component expires. Let’s come along with the new checker functions and features and let's learn how to use it!

Lenovo SmartphoneDo you know that thanks to the presented checker you won't have to search among thousands of guarantee papers? Since now, you do not have to wonder when you bought the phone and whether the device itself has the same warranty period as its individual components.

If the device you are checking is not yet yours and you are thinking about buying a second-hand Lenovo, you can easily check if the details presented by the sales are true, just by using the IMEI number and our latest Lenovo checker! If you have no idea what IMEI Number is, come along with the articles about What IMEI Number is? and discover How to Check IMEI Number? Linked instructions will explain the International Mobile Equipment Identity itself and all the possible methods of locating it.

Yet, once you will discover the particular and unique number assigned to your phone, you will be able to use described checker. However, before we get into the instructions for this checker, see how much extremely important information you can get while using it.

What details can I gain with the checker?

  • Brand, Model, IMEI Numbers, Serial Number
  • Product Type, Product Serie, Product Name, Product ID, Product Name, Machine Type
  • Mode, Serial, MTM
  • Name, Type
  • Warranty Start, Warranty End, Warranty Status, Warranty Type
  • Battery Warranty Start and End Days, Detailed Warranty Description
  • Country Code, Country Name, Origin, Category
  • Delivery Type, Duration Type, Ship To Country, Country

How to use Warranty / SN / Country Checker?

  1. At the very beginning, open the browser and go to IMEI.Info website.
  2. Into the empty bracket in the middle of the screen, enter your device's IMEI Number.
    Enter IMEI Number
  3. Thirdly, go through the Captcha Protection and click on CHECK.
    Captcha Protection Check
  4. From the popped up options, select Warranty / SN / Country Check.
    Access Warranty Checker
  5. Afterward, pick Warranty / SN / Country Check tab.
    Warranty / SN / Country Check
  6. Here it is! Now you can come along with all the details regarding your Lenovo device!
    Lenovo Details

As you can see, the prepared checker allows you to get acquainted with very important and extremely advanced information and details about your device. Amazingly helpful and valuable information will allow you to save not only time but also stress and nerves associated with ignorance and long-term search for information on, e.g. warranty. That is why you should not hesitate to use this checkup, also take a look at some other and just stay tuned, as we are permanently working on new amenities for you!

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