iPhone Lock Status Checker – Free SIMLOCK Info

Are you the iPhone user? Would like to get access to Simlock Status of your APPLE device? Is your iPhone locked? Especially for you, we prepare new checker for APPLE device. The service is completely free and easy to use. In just a few steps you can read the detailed information about you Simlock protection. Visit our website and enjoy getting access to hidden info about your iPhone or iPad.

How to use the Lock Status Checker?

  1. Enter the IMEI.Info Website and enter your IMEI Number.
  2. Let’s choose the Simlock STATUS Check
  3. Confirm the process by choosing Check Apple Phone details.
  4. Wait a few seconds to generate the results.
  5. Well done! Now you can get access to iPhone Simlock info.

What information can you get by using Simlock checker?

  • Simlock – the most precious information. You can check the Simlock status to make sure that your iPhone is unlocked. Otherwise, if the Simlock protection is activated you can use the link to read about the unlocking process
  • Serial Number – another useful identification data. Let’s get access to Serial Number of your APPLE device.
  • Model – the service also provides the info about exact model of your iPhone or iPad.

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