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When buying an iPad, it's worth considering the color selection. Each of them is unique and undoubtedly beautiful, but not all of them match every taste. This APPLE device is not bought for a month, so we should think about the color which will go best with the owner. 

Despite the fact that we often buy colorful iPad cases that cover their original color, it is worth choosing the one that is most practical for a given person. We can be guided by various aspects - functionality, practicality, color preferences, fashion or even fitting to the outfit. Yet no matter what your motivation is, it's important to choose the right color for your device. The below article should help you in choosing the perfect tablet! What's more, at the very bottom you will notice a great method of discovering the original iPad color, amazingly useful feature e.g. while buying a second-hand device!

iPad Colors Values

No matter if you are about to buy iPad Mini, iPad, iPad Air or iPad Pro, you can choose between the following colors:

iPad Color Versions

  • Rose Gold ColorRose Gold

Rose Gold color will work primarily in the hands of women and younger users. It distinguishes APPLE devices from others because it is difficult to find a device - especially a tablet - from another company in a similar color.

  • Rose Gold ColorGold

The Gold color works great in the hands of women and people who love fashion. It is extremely difficult to find a tablet with a similar color. It is unique and every owner will not often meet a person with twin-colored equipment.

  • Silver ColorSilver

The Silver iPad is characterized by unusual elegance and suits people who love classics. This is the most-sold model. It finds his loyal fans among both male and female representatives.

  • Space Gray ColorSpace Gray

Space Gray is a sensation, especially among businessmen. It is classic, elegant, not conspicuous, although it impresses with its unique shade of gray. Both women and men of all ages love this model. It has a chance to become the best-selling color.

As you can see, APPLE offers many different color options, so everyone can choose something that suits their personal preferences. Each of them is unique and extremely effective, but the detailed choice depends on each individual user. Despite the fact, that often do we cover the original color with the protective case, remember that it is also worth considering this aspect when buying an iPad!

If you are thinking about buying an iPhone, or just for the information reasons you would like to get acquainted with all the colors of the iPhone, check these all the APPLE iPhone Colors.

APPLE iPad Colors

How to check iPad color?

If you want to check what color a particular iPad has, you can check it with our great checker! Take a look at the instructions below and if, for example, you would like to buy a second-hand iPad,make sure that the color from the offer is the first and original color of your future device! There are to ways to access the color details - through Apple Warranty & Basic Info or More DETAILS... tab. Simply find out How to use APPLE WARRANTY & BASIC INFO Checker and pick the method that you find comfier.

Here are sample results of checking the iPad color:

  • Under Apple Warranty & Basic Info

Apple Warranty & Basic Info

  • Under More DETAILS...

More Details...

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