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iCloud status checker is the new service for iOS users. From now on you can use the free checking function in order to find out if the iPhone or iPad  has locked or clean iCloud status. It’s the best way to check if the Find My iPhone  (FMI) was activated on your device. The checker is free of charge and all you need to know is the IMEI Number.

iCloud StatusWe recommend using the iCloud Status checker especially when you would like to buy second-hand iPhone. Let’s make sure that the Find My iPhone wasn’t activated and your device has Clean status.

How to Check iCloud Status?

  1. At the very beginning open website.
  2. Then let’s type in the IMEI Number of your device and choose CHECK button.
  3. Here you should find the specification of your device. Let’s find the FREE CHECKS section.
  4. From the list of services choose iCloud Status Check [CLEAN/LOST]
  5. Confirm the operation by tapping on Check Apple Phone Details.
  6. Wait for the iCloud report.
  7. After a few seconds, you can check out the iCloud Status.

What you may read from iCloud status report?

  • Find My iPhone - it could be ON or OFF. It is the information about activation of iOS security feature.
  • iCloud - it could be CLEAN or LOST / ERASED. If the device with this IMEI number was reported as lost or stolen the status of this protection will be different than clean.

iCloud Report

What is iCloud lock and why do you need to know its status?

iCloud lock is an additional security feature iOS devices. It is also called Find my iPhone (FMI) and it protects Apple devices against unauthorized use. It is recommended to check out this status when you are buying a second-hand phone. If it the protection was activated (LOST Status) and you don't know login and password - you will not be able to use this iPhone or iPad.

If you would like to check the Blacklist Status as well check out the following video:

UPDATE:  Our free iCloud Status check service is no longer available. For Apple Find My iPhone & iCloud Status check we are offering always working, paid service. Just enter your IMEI below and make an order:

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