Huawei FRP Removal

Bypass Google Verification

Invalid IMEI.

Find out how to bypass the Google activation lock that is set up on your device. Come along with a great offer of removing FRP quickly and effectively. Meet the method that always works properly and has no possibility of failure. Do not worry once your device is locked by FRP! We are here to help you in resolving this problem.
Read, follow and smoothly bypass Google verification!

huawei deviceDid you forget your Google account's password and now you are not able to activate your phone? Maybe you bought a second-hand smartphone and the owner forgot to delete his account so the usage of the device is not possible now? Do not worry! We have a great solution for you. It is not just an illusory hope, but an offer that is always effective. Success guaranteed!

Google Activation Lock

At first, let's briefly learn what FRP actually is. This shortcut is for Factory Reset Protection. It's an activation lock, which prevents someone else from gaining access to your phone once it is lost or stolen. Whenever you are returning or selling your smartphone the activation lock should be disabled beforehand. Without it deactivated, smartphone in unusable to anyone but the original owner that remember the password.

How to remove FRP

Obviously, not always the seller remember to delete his Google account from the device's internal storage. Also often does it happen that people in today's rush world to forget their own password. That is why we came up with this great tool, the best solution in all the above cases. From now on, brand new tool for HUAWEI devices is available. This great feature will remove FRP from your Huawei quickly, efficiently and effectively. This requires a small service fee, but there is no possibility of failure!

So let's check out how to use Google Activation Lock's removal!

  1. At the very beginning, open the browser and go to website. 
  2. Into the empty bracket in the middle of the screen enter your device's IMEI number or directly to the following tab.

    This IMEI number is invalid!

  3. Then, go through the captcha protection and click on CHECK.
    entering IMEI number
  4. Scroll down, and under Paid Checks you will notice HUAWEI FRP Removal. Click on this tab.
    FRP Removal icon
  5. Then click on Make an Order and pay the fee ($9.99). 
  6. Download the dedicated Huawei FRP Eraser App and come along with the instruction.
    Install App
  7. Install Huawei phone drivers
  8. Unpack and run the application. Meanwhile, boot your device into Fastboot Mode. 
    If you have any doubts on how to activate Fastboot Mode, watch our tutorial and have no more troubles. 
  9. Once you are in FRP Erase section, field "FRP PWD:" enter the key that you received from after purchasing.
  10. Afterward, click on FRP Unlock.
  11. Wait a couple of seconds and that's it! There is no more Lock Protection on your HUAWEI! 

If you don't want to pay for such operation, you can also try to skip Google verification by yourself. Detailed instruction on how to do it, can be found here. However, it is not working properly for all of Huawei's models. We encourage you to check if you can do it by yourself, with a little help from, yet if it is still not working use the tool presented above, which is 100 percent effectiveness! And as for the result, the price is truly reasonable!



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