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You value your privacy and hate it when your inbox is flooded with spam and junk messages from people you don't know? Nowadays, modern smart trackers that create custom profiles by collecting our IP addresses. Thanks to these methods, they can find out what time you opened the email, and even how many times. Apple in its new version of iOS 15 focuses on privacy, which is why in today's guide we will show you how to secure your e-mail to fight unwanted messages. Enable privacy protection on your iPhone and enjoy spam-free e-mail.

Mail Protection iOS15

While remote images that load when an email is opened are one of the key tracking elements, advertisers use invisible pixels to collect information about the user. When a person opens an email, the code in the pixel collects the requested information and sends it to the business. In this way, email tracking uses remote images and invisible pixels to create a custom profile of the user's online activity on the websites. In the further part of the guide, you will learn how to enable the Mail Privacy Protection option.

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1. Turn on email privacy protection on your iPhone or iPad

When you have just updated the system to iOS 15 and only open the Apple Mail application for the first time, you can expect a prompt to protect mail activity. However, if you missed it by accident or missed it, you can always manually turn on / off Mail Privacy Protection. Just follow the steps below:

1. At the very beginning, open the Settings app on your iPhone or iPad.


2. Now, scroll down and find Mail tab, click on it.
3. Then click Privacy Protection which is in the Messages section.

Mail Protection Mail Protection

4. The last step will be to turn on the switch next to Protect Mail Activity. And that's all! You have successfully enabled Mail Privacy Protection on your iPhone. iOS 15 will now protect your IP address, location, time of opening e-mail messages, and more. It will also block the invisible pixel that email marketers use to learn internet browsing habits.

Mail ProtectionMail Protection

5. Turn off email privacy protection on iPhone and iPad

After you decide to opt out of email privacy protection on an iPhone or iPad with iOS 15, you have two options - hide your IP address and block all remote content. This means you can still block emails from tracking your activity by individually enabling one or both of these features.
To do this, go back to Settings -> Mail -> Privacy protection as you did when activating this feature. Now, if Protect Mail Activity is enabled, disable it to see the other two mail privacy options. Keep in mind that it's up to you which feature you want to enable to protect your privacy from email scammers and marketers.

Mail Protection

2. How does email privacy protection work in iOS 15?

Email Privacy Protection works by keeping your IP address hidden and loading all remote content confidentially so that invisible trackers cannot collect any of your information. It is also worth pointing out that this security feature loads content in the background even when you are not opening the message. Undoubtedly, this is an obstacle for advertisers tracking your activity in the mail. Apple uses a lot of proxy services and also assigns a random IP address to keep everything under control.

As a result, e-mail senders can only display the IP address corresponding to the region you are in, therefore they cannot access any specific information about your whereabouts and online activity. Additionally, the data is incomplete and random, meaning advertisers cannot use it to build an online profile.

3. Use Mail Privacy Protection to protect your online activity

Make the most of Email Privacy Protection to protect your personal information and prevent trackers from creating a profile based on your online behavior. Nowadays, where cybercrime is very high, it always pays to have multiple layers of protection against spammers and hackers. That's why it's worth protecting your data, hence Apple has reliable tools such as Hide My Email and App Tracking Transparency in iOS 15. So if you want to keep your data private, enable this feature with the simple steps mentioned above.

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