How to use Dark Mode on iPhone?

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With Dark Mode in the newly introduced iOS 13, as well as Inverted Color, Low Light, and Night Shift in iOS 12 and earlier, you can reduce eye strain and improve your night-time viewing experience on your iPhone. If you are an iPhone owner and you are wondering how to do it, I have come to the right place. On this page, we'll show you how to turn on the Night Mode and how it works. See how easy it is!

Dark Mode iPhone

Using an iPhone late at night can cause eye strain and sleep problems: blue light from the screen disrupts our circadian rhythm and tells our brain it's still daytime. For this reason, software designers have proposed a number of alternative options interface, which dim the screen or reduce the emission of blue light. Later you will learn how to turn on Dark Mode in your iPhone and how to take advantage of the options that this mode offers.

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How do I turn on Dark Mode?

You need iOS 13 or later on your iPhone to use Dark Mode. The software is now available to everyone after launch on September 19, 2019. You can also download the latest update without any problems

Dark Mode is a system-wide interface control that dims the background of all pre-installed applications to black or dark gray, which is more relaxing to use in the evenings and saves battery when using the OLED screen.

To turn on Dark Mode, open the Settings app and go to Display & Brightness. At the top of the next screen, you'll see two interface types side by side: light and dark.
Below we have attached our tutorial on how to do it step by step.

You can now set the Dark Mode manually by tapping on it - the effect will be displayed immediately - but you'll probably find it more convenient to set a regular schedule.

To set a schedule, first, go to your iPhone's Settings and then select Display & Brightness from the list.
Now, when you see the two available Light and Dark themes, there is an Options tab underneath them, click on it to set the theme display schedule. Now, to manually configure the theme option and its display time, click on the Custom Schedule tab and below

Dark Mode iPhoneDark Mode iPhone

Control Center 

Another handy feature where you can quickly change themes is the Control Center. All you need to do is add a button to the screen and in the blink of an eye, you will be switching between the Light and Dark theme. The way to do this is very simple. First, go to your phone's Settings, then select the Control Center tab from the Menu, when you do, find the Dark Mode option on the list and confirm it with the green plus icon so that it appears. Now all you have to do is go to the Control Center and see the new button appeared there. You can now switch themes at any time, depending on what suits you.

Dark ModeDark ModeDark Mode

Night Shift Function

Apple introduced one of the more useful features called Night Shift, which reduced the levels of blue light emitted by iPad and iPhone as part of the iOS 9.3 spot update. Color change technology reduces the emission of blue light, which sources indicate keeps us awake, causes eye strain and headaches, and makes the colors on the screen appear warmer and more yellow.

To make your life easier, we suggest that you set Night Shift to a recurring schedule, instead of turning it on manually every time it gets dark.

If you want to set a schedule, you can do it quickly and easily by going to Settings> Display & Brightness> Night Shift. You can set up a schedule here, including the option for your iOS device to automatically determine your location and turn on Night Shift at sunset and then turn it off again at sunrise.

Dark ModeDark ModeDark Mode

Display Zoom

If you are disturbed by the small view of the display screen, now you can easily enlarge it. Just go to Settings> Display & Brightness> View and then select Zoomed. Now everything on your iPhone screen will be more visible.

Dark ModeDark Mode

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