How to track a lost phone by IMEI?

Is it possible to find phone by IMEI?

Have you ever lost phone, and wondered what I can do now? Nowadays, we are using a phone all the time. During the day, you can lose your phone everywhere. Surely you have had a situation more than once when you searched the flat wondering where you left your phone. In this article, you will find out if your IMEI number helps you to find your phone.



IMEI number means International Mobile Equipment Identity and it is an individual code of every phone. It consists of fifteen digits and is used to identify the device over a mobile network.

Where is an IMEI number?IMEI number

IMEI number can be found in some ways: 

  • the easiest is just entering *#06# on your phone's call screen,
  • on the silver sticker on the back of your phone, under the battery pack,
  • on the box, your phone came in,
  • you can also find it in your phone settings.

Why IMEI number is so important?

IMEI number has one important purpose: identify your mobile device. Nowadays, phone thefts happen very often. The problem is also, that today we have a lot of important information on our devices. Certainly, your phone is connected with your bank account. In case when your phone is stolen, or lost thief may have plenty of important for your information.  
If you want more about it check website.

Is it possible to find a phone by IMEI?

Unfortunately, the operator can't help us to find our phone using just IMEI. The IMEI number is not useful for this. If your phone is lost or stolen you have to react as soon as possible. Firstly you should report the missing device to mobile carrier and police. If it is reported and blocked by one operator, all other operators from a given country are required to block this device as well. You can find out how to do that at our website here. A mobile carrier can help find the device by BTS system. BTS tracks mobile device installed with a valid SIM card. Mobile updates it's location whenever it gets connected with the nearest BTS. Reporting the missing phone to the police is important also. The police will report IMEI and it will be the introduction of stolen telephones to the police database. In the future, it may be detected during routine officers checks.

You can also report stolen or lose your phone on our website. It can help you to find a mobile:

  • With the lost or stolen status, it will be harder to sell it in second-hand shops or via online internet services.
  • You can easily share the information with your friends by using your social media.
  • The report gives the finder of the device possibility to contact the owner


Take a look at our video tutorial, to make sure that you know how to check blacklist status.


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