How to avoid buying a stolen phone on

Checking phones on the black list

Many of us use the popular site You can often find there good bargains and buy some stuff for a good price. If you buy the phone, there is a risk that we will get on a unfair seller and buy a stolen phone. To avoid this situation, just use our website www.IMEI.ifno and check if the phone you want to buy is legal.

Thanks to "Black List Checker" service, based on the IMEI number you can check if the phone is reported on the blacklist operators. After check you will got the result Clean or Blocked + detailed report and certificate in PDF format.

Also, if you are a phone seller, you can check your phones before and join the certificate to your auction - it will comfirm that your phones are not lost or stolen. This way, your offer will be reliable and more attractive to customers.

Before making your purchase, make sure you know exactly what you are buying and do not be fooled. With quick check on you can avoid a lot of unnecessary trouble.

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