How to share your location in Google Maps?

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Google Maps is a feature that everyone knows very well. Without it, traveling would be very difficult and complicated. And did you know that Google Maps has the function of sharing your location wherever you are? Location sharing is very useful when you want to tell your friends where you are and show them the way. Find out how to use Google Maps and learn this handy trick that we will introduce to you in this guide.

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Regardless of whether you have an Android or iOS device, you can now permanently share your location with someone else to do the same for you. This means you can see where they are at any time by using the Google Maps app or by visiting a website. Most importantly, you'll always be able to see their last known location as well as how much battery is left on your phone. Of course, iPhone users can use applications such as Find Phone or Find Friends, which is a better option than Google Maps, but it is worth knowing about it. For Android users, this is a great option.

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1. At the very beginning, in Google Maps, tap on your profile icon in the upper right corner, and then select the Location Sharing option.

Google Maps Google Maps

3. If this is your first time sharing this, Maps will provide an introduction and allow you to select contacts (you may be asked to share your contacts). Otherwise, tap New Share.

Google MapsGoogle Maps

4. After selecting a contact, tap a duration to choose how long you share location info. You can increase the time in hourly increments or select Until you turn it off to share indefinitely.

Google Maps Google Maps

5. From now on, Maps will display the status of this contact, If you want to share with other people, tap New Sharing and repeat the process.

Google MapsGoogle Maps

7. To stop the process, tap the sharing status, and then select Stop.

Google MapsGoogle Maps

How to share your location on Google Maps for Android and iOS, using an application or link

You will probably want to share your location on Android or iOS via a specific app or even as a general link. You can share it via text message or communicate your position on a social network. Fortunately, location sharing on Google Maps makes this easy by following a few similar steps. Here's how to share location info using this method. Here's how to share location info using this method.

1.In Google Maps, tap your profile icon in the upper right.
2. Tap Location Sharing.
3. If this is your first time sharing, Maps will present the same contact menu mentioned in the previous instructions, but will also give you the option to share a link through an app or link either directly (on Android) or by tapping More Options (on iOS).
4. Tap the app you want to share with, or scroll until you can tap Copy To (on Android) or Copy (on iOS) to get the shareable link.
5. In either case, you can tap Sharing via Link to adjust the duration of the link or hit Stop to end sharing.

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What information does Google Maps provide?

Now that you have learned to use the location sharing feature in Google Maps for Android and iOS. Learn what information they see your friends.

Location sharing on Google Maps is precise, but it doesn't share absolutely everything. Others will receive the notification you share. They will see a pin on the map approximating your location and can check the battery level of your device in case they suddenly lose your position. When they click on sharing status, they will see certain address information such as city and zip code or zip code.

However, they usually won't see your exact address, and they also won't see your location history or your current path. And when you stop sharing your location, the information will disappear. In other words, you do not have to worry that someone will be watching you on Google Maps without your knowledge or consent.

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