How to Safely Clean Your Phone With Disinfecting Wipes?

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Recently, Apple says that you can use disinfectant wipes on your iPhone. Earlier, Apple advised against using disinfectant wipes on its products, while the CDC said it was worth protecting yourself against viruses. Let's check how you can safely clean your phone.


What does Apple recommend to clean your smartphone?

Traditionally, device manufacturers such as Apple recommended the use of harsh disinfectants because they can wear an oleophobic coating on the screen of a smartphone. It is an oil-repellent coating that helps prevent fingerprints and streaks from sticking to the smartphone screen.

This coating naturally and slowly wears when using the phone, but harsh cleaners can cause faster wear.

Use wipes, not pure alcohol

If you touch the phone after touching the door handle of a public door or grocery cart, you can immediately think about cleaning it with alcohol. Don't do. Normal alcohol can remove oleophobic and hydrophobic coatings that prevent oil and water from damaging the display and other ports.

Some websites suggest creating a mixture of alcohol and water yourself, but it's important to get the right concentration. You do it wrong and you can damage the phone. The safest solution is to use disinfecting wipes containing 70% isopropyl alcohol to clean the phone screen.

What about the Oleophobic Coating?

The disinfectant solution is likely to wipe off a slightly oleophobic coating on the screen. But everything works. Over time, it will start to wear out slowly when you use your finger on the smartphone screen.

With this update, Apple confirms that disinfecting wipes are a good way to remove dirt from the iPhone. Just don't overdo it. You don't have to wipe over and over again.

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