How to recover deleted photos on Android?

Find out How to recover deleted photos on Android

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Have you accidentally deleted a photo and you couldn't get it back? If so, then don't panic. There are many ways to recover deleted photos, but we'll show you the one we think is the best. From now on, photo recovery will be much easier. Follow the tips in our guide and learn how to recover deleted photos on Android phones.



Surely you have experienced more than once that you accidentally deleted a photo that you liked, but didn't know how to recover it. Many people think that deleting from the phone immediately means that there is no way to recover it. We have good news for those looking for a way to do this. Now, with one application, you will be able to recover lost photos without fear.

How to recover deleted photos on Android?

There are several apps on Google Play that claim to recover deleted photos on Android smartphones. While many of them don't work, we've had some success with DiskDigger photo recovery software.
was not only more reliable but also less invasive when it comes to displaying ads, which is a big plus in itself. Note, however, that the tool works better on rooted phones.
You can try to recover deleted photos without rooting, but the results may vary.

At first, you have to download the DiskDigger app. Just click the button down below.

Download DiskDigger  

Once you've got the app on your phone, it's helpful to turn off Wi-Fi and connect to data on your phone. The main reason for this is that when data is deleted, be it photos, music, or documents, it is not actually deleted until something is stored above it in the device memory. In addition, it is extremely important to disable all phone cleaner apps immediately as they can permanently delete accidentally deleted files making it impossible to recover.

Note: On a non-rooted phone, DiskDigger is limited to recovering images from the thumbnail cache, meaning the images will likely be of lower quality than the original photos or videos. Restoration of original versions of your photos or videos in full resolution is possible only by doing root the device and download the Pro version of the application.

Download DiskDigger Pro version  

1. First, turn on the DiskDigger application on your phone.

deleted photo

2. Now, when you turn on the app, you need to allow access to the device so that the app can recover deleted photos. Then, when you allow it, click on Start basic photo scan.

deleted photo

3. Now the application will search for photos automatically. Select the ones you want to restore by pressing the Recover button.

deleted photo

4. You can also sort photos by their size and date. All you have to do is enter the settings, complete the data and confirm the changes with the Ok button.

deleted photo

5. The last step is to choose how you want to restore the files. Choose one of the options that interest you.

deleted photo

If you recently deleted your photos, DiskDigger should be able to find these pictures, and you will be able to restore them to a folder on the device or the backup service in the cloud.

Initially, it didn't seem like DiskDigger could find our photos, but a quick dive into its settings and unchecking the minimum file size factor revealed our deleted photos. As we said above, if you want to recover your photos, you will need the Pro version of the app which is available at the link below. Less than $ 4 is a small price to pay to regain your memories.

Additionally, be careful if you use the in-app cleanup feature as some users have deleted all of their photos as they didn't understand that it would delete everything and not just the photos they deleted on purpose to save space.

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