How to push water from iPhone speaker with Water Eject?

Find out how to remove water form your iPhone

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Flooding the phone or one of its parts may lead to unpleasant situations. However, most often the problem affects the speakers, and thus the problem with playing music. If you've already experienced such a problem, don't despair! There are methods that will allow you to save your phone before taking it in for service. So how do you deal with a flooded phone? How to get water out of iPhone speakers? Learn how to do this in the next section.

iPhone speaker.

If you've already flooded your iPhone's speaker somehow, don't wait until the situation worsens and the water will damage the rest of your phone. You can save your iPhone by testing the Water Eject shortcut, which thanks to its properties will allow you to deal with this problem.

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1. Where can I download the Water Eject shortcut?

Click on the button below and add the Water Eject shortcut to your iPhone.

 Water Eject Shortcut

2. How does Water Eject work?

The iPhone's Shortcut Water Eject feature is designed to create a bass sound that will push water out of the speaker if it accidentally gets there. When an iPhone is exposed to water, we have many temporary salvage methods including drying out, chafing, and yet there is still a risk of affecting the sound problem when the water builds up on the external speaker. The Shortcut Water Eject feature will use a bass sound, which will run for approximately 10 seconds, to push water out of the iPhone speakers, similar to the Water Lock feature on the Apple Watch.

Note: The Water Eject shortcut is only for use with iPhone X, XR, 8, 8 Plus, 7, and 7 Plus waterproof phones. For other iPhone models, use soft towels or find another way or seek service assistance.

3. How to enable the Water Eject shortcut?

1. Once you've downloaded the Water Eject shortcut to your iPhone, open the Shortcuts tab now.

Water Eject

2. Now, from the available list select the Water Eject shortcut.

Water Eject

3. In the lower right corner, find the play option and click on it.

Water Eject

4. Great, now you have to click Begin Water Ejection. 

Water Eject

5. Now, for about 10 seconds, your iPhone will make a bass sound to get the water out of the speakers. You can repeat an activity many times if one time is not enough.

Water Eject

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