How to protect your smartphone against heat?


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Summer is conducive to sunbathing, long walking trips, all kinds of physical activities, as well as overcoming multi-kilometer routes on the way to the destination. This is true, but it is also true that summer does not serve our smartphones, which bear the heat worse than older people and children. Improper handling of electronics on hot days may result in overheating. So let's pay attention to the "signals" that our electronic companion sends us.

The heating of computers and smartphones is completely normal - thanks to the heating of the battery. However, there are restrictions on how hot these devices can be before they overheat. Some smartphones have built-in temperature sensors that tell you if your phone or battery is overheating, and many smartphones will automatically turn off if the phone gets warm.


Refrain from playing on your smartphone

Not only the outside temperature can cause the phone to overheat. If you play games or make many calls, your phone will work harder and generate more heat. In combination with warm ambient temperatures, this can lead to overheating. To cool your phone, switch it to airplane mode and stop using applications that require high CPU power, such as games - or better yet - stop using it for some time.

Keep your phone out of direct sunlight and hot cars

In direct sunlight or in a hot car, the cell phone will start burning quickly. Any area that heats up very quickly - too hot for humans or animals - is dangerous to technical equipment. Make sure your mobile phone is turned off in burning hot areas and try to use the device only in a cooler shade. When switching from a hot to a more moderate area, wait for the smartphone to cool slightly (return to normal room temperature) before turning it on again.

As you probably know, charging your phone can cause it to warm up. If the phone is exposed to direct sunlight during charging, the solar heat will increase the normal heat, which is a side effect of the current flow to the phone's battery. This can cause the phone to heat up much more than usual.

Take your phone out of your pocket

On a hot day, you should not keep your phone in your pocket if you want to cool it. This is not only unpleasant, but your natural body heat will work against the cooling process. As with charging, it is better to set a shady position away from insulating materials. In the worst-case scenario, a hot phone battery may leak or catch up, which is a serious risk.


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