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Apple's smartphones are extremely popular devices around the world. Year after year, new versions are presented. Every few generations, the American manufacturer also decides to completely transform the appearance of the device, but this time we should not expect a major revolution. However, the changes may be important for potential buyers. See what we know about the new iPhone 15.


iPhone 15


The iPhone and the Apple phone phenomenon

Although the global market is largely dominated by Android-based smartphones, Apple devices are also hugely popular. The first iPhone revolutionized the mobile phone market, showing the direction in which the industry should develop. This trend continues to this day, as it is still clear that other manufacturers are heavily inspired by the design and functionality of Apple hardware.

Every fan and user of devices from the Apple ecosystem always eagerly awaits the appearance of the first information about the next, not yet announced iPhone. Interestingly, some of it has already seen the light of day.

iPhone 15 - launch and price

In keeping with tradition, the iPhone 15 is likely to be unveiled in early September 2023, or more precisely on 12 September 2023 It is speculated that European prices for the entry-level 15 series models at launch will be higher than the iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Plus, but we do not know the exact amounts. Back in June, initial leaks claimed that Apple's devices would cost between 10 and 20 per cent more than last year's models. They will be available in the following capacity variants:

  • 256 GB
  • 512GB
  • 1TB
  • 2TB

As such, the iPhone 15 lineup could well be priced as follows:

  • iPhone 15: starting from $799 (unchanged)
  • iPhone 15 Plus: starting from $899 (unchanged)
  • iPhone 15 Pro: starting from $1,099 ($100 increase)
  • iPhone 15 Pro Max: starting from $1,299 ($200 increase)

What do we know about the iPhone 15?

It is almost certain that the iPhone 15 will be released in the following variants:

  • iPhone 15,
  • iPhone 15 Plus,
  • iPhone 15 Pro
  • iPhone 15 Pro Max (Ultra).

Each of these will be available for purchase with a new version of Apple's operating system, iOS 17. From what we know so far, the system will not introduce any revolutions but will add some interesting new features.

The new devices will certainly feature the latest generation of chips:

iPhone 15 and 15 Plus - A16 Bionic chip, present in the current generation Pro versions;
iPhone 15 Pro and 15 Pro Max - A17 Bionic, which Apple is likely to announce around launch.

Most importantly, there are very credible rumors that the iPhone 15 series (or at least the Pro versions) will already have a USB-C port instead of the current Lightning. This is presumably the result of pressure from the European Union, which has passed a law for a common charging standard for all electronic devices. What's more, the packaging is expected to include braided, colour-matched cables.

However, according to a Twitter user known for sharing reliable pre-release information, the USB-C port of the new iPhones will require MFi-certified devices to be connected to it. This means that not all cables and accessories will connect seamlessly to the new Apple smartphones or charge them quickly. Only peripherals that have the certification chip will be able to use the full potential of the USB-C socket.

What will the iPhone 15 look like?

The biggest and most notable change to last year's Apple flagships was the addition of Dynamic Island to the screens of the Pro series devices. According to leaks published by 9to5Mac, Dynamic Island will also be standard on the base version of the smartphone in the iPhone 15. It also appears that the same screens used in last year's models will be fitted in the base models. What follows:

In the base model, the bezels around the display should remain as in the iPhone 14;
On the iPhone 15 Pro and iPhone 15 Pro Max, the bezels are expected to be slightly narrower.

Information has also emerged almost confirming the design of the screens for the iPhone 15, showing the glass that will be fitted to the front of the displays for each variant

According to the informants, the island at the back of the case will not change in size, and consequently, it is likely that the camera sensor of the iPhone 15 will not differ much from those of the 14. Only in the iPhone 15 Pro Max / Ultra is it expected to be significantly improved, with rumours of even a 5x or 6x optical zoom.


Looking at the graphics, it is also clear that the basic version of Apple's smartphones will continue to use physical buttons. There are rumours that the iPhone 15 Pro and iPhone 15 Pro Max are to get unified volume buttons. This means that it will be one long button, instead of the previous two separate ones.

There have also been leaks that the iPhones are to have the iconic silent mode switches eliminated. According to the information, the sliding element will replace the usual single button. It is speculated that this will make this part multifunctional and allow for other new features.

New colours

Dummies of the iPhone 15 have leaked onto the web, allegedly showing colour variants. The basic smartphone models could be available in five colours:

  • black
  • pink
  • yellow
  • blue
  • white

    iPhone 15

The iPhone 15 Pro is expected to be offered in colours such as:

  • black
  • silver
  • blue
  • grey 

    iPhone 15


News has emerged that Apple is planning a sizable improvement in terms of battery capacity for the iPhone 15s. As Foxconn, a major manufacturer of Apple logo hardware, was to report, the batteries in the new line of smartphones with the bitten apple in the logo will be as follows:

iPhone 15: 3877 mAh (18% more than the previous generation),
iPhone 15 Plus: 4912 mAh (13.6% more than the previous generation),
iPhone 15 Pro: 3650 mAh (14.1% more than the previous generation),
iPhone 15 Pro Max (Ultra): 4852 mAh (10.9% more than the previous generation).

However, it is unclear whether this will make the devices last longer on a single battery or whether the extra power will be used to power the new features.




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