How to Make a Well-Written Sports CV to Apply for an Athletic Scholarship?

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Becoming a professional athlete is not a bed of roses. It requires resources and sacrifices that are only sometimes within the reach of all families. Through sports programs, you can combine your studies with high-performance training, thanks to a personalized service that takes care of university athletes' physical and emotional aspects. So, if you like the idea, you may be interested in knowing how to prepare your sports resume to apply for your scholarship.

Athletic CV

6 steps to complete your athletic CV

Sports resumes are very similar to the rest but with some nuances. Let's take a look at the following sections:

1. Sports profile

The sports profile would be the equivalent of the extract of a conventional resume. That is the part of the resume where you introduce yourself and briefly summarize your candidacy.

It is important to note that the person who receives your resume will form a first impression of you thanks to these lines, so you must choose the words very well to arouse their interest and encourage them to continue reading.

Take the opportunity to introduce yourself and mention your strengths, add a couple of sentences highlighting your greatest achievements, and finish by offering a little bit about your sporting philosophy and the reasons why you applied for the scholarship.

If you have yet to achieve much success, instead of presenting your achievements as an athlete, you can share your goals or argue why you think you should be awarded the scholarship.

2. Sports career

In a sports resume, your professional career is replaced by your sports career. So, in the second section of your résumé, you should reflect the following information:

  • Name of your technical position
  • Club or entity for which you compete
  • City
  • Start and end dates
  • Name of coach (and telephone number for reference)
  • Highlights of each season

You can use this section of the resume to add technical information about your best marks, such as your record times, your handicap, or the average number of assists and scores/goals per game.

3. Academic background

The academic curriculum is one requirement to be considered for university sports scholarships. Therefore, in this section, you should state the academic degrees and the grades obtained in each. You can also add information about additional training, such as first aid courses or official certification certifications from regulatory bodies.

4. Skills and competencies

It's time to review your strengths and highlight those skills that can best contribute to your role's development and the team's well-being (if any).

The key to success is to balance hard skills (those related to your field) and soft skills (those related to leadership, collaborative personality or personal character and highly valued in the world of sport).
Concluding a candidate's personality from a resume can be a bit risky. However, thanks to the skills section it is easier to get an idea of what a person is like beyond his or her sports records and academic grades.

So we recommend that you review the values of the organization or team you want to join before writing this section of your resume and highlight all the points you have in common.

5. Languages

Most universities that offer sports scholarships are foreign, so it is not superfluous to demonstrate your knowledge of the language on your sports resume. To do so, we recommend that you use the European accreditation system or, in case you want to enter an American university, you can prove your English level through tests such as the TOEFL certification.

6. Additional information

To finish your resume with a flourish, we recommend that you add a section with additional information that allows you to include all awards, recognitions or trophies won outside of competition.

5 extra tips to make your sports CV stand out from the rest:

Choose an attractive design, but not too cluttered. Don't forget that, beyond attracting attention, the design of your sports resume should allow you to locate the information quickly and effectively. To do this, we recommend using legible fonts (such as Verdana, Arial or Times New Roman) and sufficiently wide margins to separate the different sections.

  1. Use the best free essay websites to check grammar. Because, after so much effort, you don't want your application to be discarded because of a spelling or expression error, do you?
  2. Present your sports experiences following a reverse chronological structure, always starting with your latest achievements and current fitness level.
  3. If you want your resume to stand out, take advantage of the opportunity to share your best plays and performances by sharing links to videos in the personal information section.
  4. Save a Word and PDF version of your resume to customize the excerpt each time.


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