How do I know the production date of my mobile?

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Nowadays, everyone is the owner of smartphones, but have you ever wondered how old your phone is? Yes, our phones are also old, we can check the age of our smartphone with a few simple steps. All that you need is your IMEI number. Check it out!

What is the Production Date of my phone?

Production Date means the date when the manufacturer has released the device. It means if you know the Production Date of your phone you can know also how old is it. Sometimes is priceless knowledge before purchase a new device. Production Date is possible to find also on the back of the battery, but most of the new smartphones have a built-in battery. That is to say, checking by IMEI number is the easiest way and you can do that on our website without paying, it's completely free service.

Advantages of having a newer phone:

  1. Performance

    The first and most important aspect of having a less aging smartphone is its performance. The performance of a less aging smartphone would always be better than the performance of an aging smartphone. The problem is the aging of the components used in mobile phones.
  2. Battery life

    The battery life of smartphones really depends on the age of smartphones. Although this also depends on other factors, such as the previous user's charging habits, etc. But the thing that always worsens the battery life of a smartphone is the age of the phone. The device's battery has worn out due to periodic charging for a long time.
  3. Phone body

    Yes, good body conditions are usually another advantage of having a less aging smartphone. The body of smartphones is usually made of aluminum and plastic. These two materials, however, were not used so quickly, but over time they can wear out a bit. The body of the phone remains almost the same over time when used correctly.

How to check the Production Date?

It's very easy to check your device Production Date. All that you need is your IMEI number. If you don't know what is it or how to get it, just read this article.
When you have your IMEI number just open an website and follow the steps:

  1. Firstly enter your IMEI number to the empty bracket, go for Captcha protection and click Check:
    IMEI number
  2. Then click on Check SN / WARRANTY / CARRIER
    Check SN / Warranty / Carrier
  3. After that click on Check SN / WARRANTY / CARRIER and wait 10 seconds while your order is processing.
    Click Check SN
  4. Here you can check Production Date of your device:
    Production Date

Other ways to check Production Date:

  • Phone box
  • Settings
  • Applications
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