How to Get Rid of Malware: What You Need to Know

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The emergence of the Internet not only opened a window of opportunity for people but also led to new threats. Since then, hackers have been on the alert. You only have to click on ads in the browser or download a file from an unverified source, as the risk increases. Let's start with the fact that in the era of the total use of ad blockers, modern firewalls, and advanced antiviruses, malware is not as easy to download to your PC as it was ten years ago. Users have also become more experienced and wiser. However, every day, hackers worldwide constantly invent new methods (i.e., Trojans, worms, adware, spyware, etc.) to bypass your security measures and take over your data. This can be used to blackmail users for certain benefits, most often monetary ones. But how do you recognize that your device has been compromised? How to get rid of malware and prevent its appearance in the future? Read about it in our article.

Detect Malware


Symptoms of a Malware Infection

Every PC can have different problems, but malware is by far the worst. In this case, all your personal information, bank card data, addresses, logins and passwords, and files stored in the cloud and locally are under direct threat of theft by hackers. Your PC may be infected if:

  • Your system performs slowlier than usual or stops responding at all.
  • You see unusual images and notifications or hear weird sounds.
  • You get system error notifications.
  • The operating system does not load properly.
  • You can’t find certain folders or files, or you can’t open them.
  • Programs connect to the Internet without your permission.
  • Your browser stops responding, opens unwanted pages/pop-up ads, or does not let you close a tab.
  • Your mailbox contains unusual messages with no address or subject.

If not paying attention to these signs of malicious software, you can soon notice low device productivity or even unauthorized access to personal information. Below, you’ll find our advice on how to get rid of a hacker on your computer.

How to Get Rid of Malware

If you detect the malware fast enough, you can get rid of hackers and their software on your computer. This can be much easier than you have expected. Just follow the guidelines below.

  1. Check the computer's firewall 

Follow these steps to check the computer’s firewall:

  1. Click on the "Start" menu button (at the bottom left of your screen).
  2. Open the control panel.
  3. Open the "Windows Firewall" and navigate to the "Windows Firewall Setting".
  4. On the "General" tab, make sure the "On" option is selected.

However, keep in mind that turning off the firewall is generally not recommended as it decreases the protection level.

  1. Use an antivirus

Use the scan to detect any potential hacking programs. Ensure to delete any marked files that the antivirus detects.

If you do not have an antivirus on your computer, you should purchase it immediately. McAfee, Norton, ESET, Dr.Web, Clario, and Kaspersky offer some of the most effective antivirus software available on the market. 

If you are limited on funds, check free antiviruses. For example, you can try Avast or AVG. Here, you can check the list of the most downloadable antiviruses as of May 2023.

  1. Change all the passwords 

Ensure your passwords are strong enough, i.e., they should be longer than eight characters. Also, include a combination of lowercase and uppercase letters and several numbers or special symbols. 

Remember, the password is not the one you can easily remember but the one that provides greater security. Additionally, you can change your passwords from time to time.

Moreover, make sure the answer to the security question you select is challenging. Do not include any information that may be found online, such as your high school or mother's maiden name. The hint to the answer should not be connected to the password itself, or it should be something that only you know.

  1. Use a VPN

A virtual private network (VPN) service is a reliable method of additional internet security. Using a VPN, your computer can communicate as if it were connected to a private network. In that case, all conversations and data transmissions will be encrypted, preventing direct access to your network traffic. It's important to read third-party VPN reviews and install only trusted software.

Be sure to check out this guide to choose the best VPN that can help you secure your system.


  1. Clean-install Windows and format your hard drives

If all the tips mentioned above did not help you get rid of the hacker problem, it means there is only one radical option left. You can reinstall your operating system, which, however, will reset every setting back to the default option. 

Unfortunately, all the data files you have stored on your PC (media files, text documents, and video games) will be temporarily deleted. In that case, you will have no other option but to download and install all the programs you previously had once again. 

Remember, this is a solution for advanced users, therefore, use it only if you definitely know how to reinstall the OS properly.


The recommendations and actions listed above are practical and easy steps to deal with hackers once they infect your computer. Once again, ensure that you always:

  • turn off your PC if it is not used;
  • store important data on a portable HDD;
  • update your OS and antivirus regularly;
  • change your passwords.

If you want to minimize the possible harm, you should react to any suspicious signs of hacking tools as soon as possible. Prevention is your key protection against digital crimes.






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