How to fix the Spotify web player? Here are the solutions!

Find out how to fix Spotify web player

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Spotify is undoubtedly one of the leaders among music applications. No wonder, because we can find practically all the latest music there. However, like any application or player in a browser, it can cause many problems. Fortunately, there are some tricks and solutions that we'll introduce to you. So how do you fix the Spotify player in your browser? How can I fix my Spotify Player? Learn how to do this in the next section.


Each of us cannot imagine life without music, thanks to it we can listen to our favorite artists. There are many applications that allow you to play music for free, and each of them probably has its pros and cons. Yes, and it is also in the case of Spotify, which, despite its huge popularity, can cause a lot of problems. So how to deal with them?

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1. Check the network connection

We start with the most obvious but often overlooked point. Checking the network connection. If you notice that your Spotify music stops suddenly, or if you press the play button but nothing happens, it's most likely your internet. Here's what you can do on a computer running Windows. First of all, try to open other websites, if you notice that they act slowly, check your Internet speed.

If none of the pages opens, you need to take the next step. Go to system icons. They should be in the lower-right corner of the taskbar. Right-click the Wi-Fi or LAN icon (depending on what you are using) and select Troubleshoot. If you're on Wi-Fi, a common problem that the troubleshooter can fix is that the default gateway is unavailable. However, if you get a message that the DNS server is unavailable, it's time to restart your modem. If that doesn't work, your best and really only option is to contact your ISP.

2. Disable ad-blockers or whitelist Spotify

If you have a Spotify Premium account, ad-blocking add-ons may interfere with the Spotify web player. You can simply disable them via the browser add-ons menu or the toolbar icon. However, if you use uBlock Origin, you can whitelist entire domains.

Below is an example of what it looks like on the Adblock Plus extension. Add the domain to the whitelist.


3. Clear cookies and browser cache

As you may already know or have heard, cookies and cache help your browser run more smoothly by remembering important information such as login details. However, sometimes there are times when the information can be remembered badly, leading to problems with the Spotify web player. Therefore, before you decide to move on to more drastic solutions, you should clear recent cookies and cache, or preferably all files from the very beginning of using your browser. The steps you need to follow should be very similar in every browser.

4. Fix Spotify web player via the device list

If none of the above methods worked, don't worry! Here's another simple one that often fixes your Spotify web player problems. If you have multiple devices connected to your Spotify account, it can sometimes get confused where your song or playlist should be playing. This may result in nothing being played when songs are clicked. You can fix this by simply clicking on the device list located to the left of the volume button and then on Web Player.


5. Open Spotify on another device

If the previous step also didn't work for you, you can try another simple method. Close the web player and open Spotify on another device - for example smartphone, tablet. If you haven't downloaded the Android app yet, you can download it HERE.
Play any song on your smartphone or tablet and reopen the Spotify web player. You should see a green bar at the bottom of the screen that says You're listening, followed by the name of your device. If you see this, repeat the trick with the above step. Go to the device list and click This Web Browser. Your song should start playing on your smartphone from the place where it was interrupted.

6. Download the Spotify app on your computer

Sometimes the hassle of playing music from your browser just isn't worth it. If Spotify's web player is causing you trouble and you can't enjoy your music, it's time to just give it up in favor of a PC app. You can download it HERE.

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