How to fix iPhone Overheating Problem?

Find out how to fix overheating problem

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Have you ever experienced your iPhone getting so hot you barely held it? If not then you are the lucky one! The problem with overheating iPhones appears more and more often, not only in the summer. It is not worth ignoring it, because overheating can lead to very unpleasant consequences that can be irreversible. So, how do you cool an overheated iPhone? What to do to prevent the iPhone from overheating? What not to do when iPhone overheats? You'll find tips later in this article.

iPhone Overheats.

When iPhones overheat, they can malfunction and suffer long-term damage. When you notice such symptoms, you should act immediately before it is too late. There have even been cases where phones have exploded or caught fire, although in such cases the heat is a battery symptom rather than the cause of the problem itself. Don't panic! It's highly unlikely that your iPhone will explode, but it's a good idea to follow the tips below.

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How to deal with an overheated iPhone? - Tips

If your iPhone keeps overheating and you don't know how to deal with it, check where and how you use it. The following tips should help you deal with this problem.

1. The first tip that causes an iPhone to overheat is the case itself, the case. Take it off, an additional layer of insulation will make it difficult to cool the phone and the battery will heat up faster, and we want to avoid it. Alternatively, consider an enclosure with air vents if you absolutely want one.

2.  Another thing is the ambient temperature. Do not leave your iPhone in the car in the sun, where the temperature can rise sharply, or in other rooms where the sun's rays are streaming in. Try to take your iPhone with you or leave it somewhere in the shade.

3. If you are going to go on vacation to a place where you know it is very hot, you may have to limit the use of an iPhone or the best solution is to keep it in your bag.

4. Another important tip will be to avoid playing games. Game fans may be a bit disappointed with this solution, but games, especially graphically advanced ones, put a strain on the CPU that heats the device. The main problem here is AR applications, which can be particularly burdensome.

5. Try to limit the use of the Bluetooth function as it provides an additional source of heat. To disable this option, unlock your iPhone and swipe up or down with your finger, then turn it off. You can also see HERE how to do it.

6. Turn off location services. GPS is a real killer for your iPhone. This is the feature that probably heats up the device the most. If you do not want to completely opt-out of disabling location. Try to limit its services and allow only the locations of the most needed applications. You can easily turn off GPS, more information you will find HERE.

7. Try to avoid turn-by-turn directions on Maps. (unless necessary) This function generates a lot of heat.

8. Also, avoid charging until you are in a cooler place or until your iPhone has cooled down. Additionally, do not leave the phone connected to the charger all the time as the phone will be fully charged.

9. Turn on airplane mode. This turns off features such as GPS, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and cellular data. You can easily do this by clicking the control center and then tapping the airplane icon. If you still don't know how to do it, see our video on how to do it. Click HERE.

10. If you can do without notifications, we advise you to turn them off completely on your iPhone when not in use, or at least limit app notifications that are unnecessary. Here we show you how to customize iPhone notifications.

11. Currently, there are many products on the global market that ensure that they keep hot phones cool, such as a 10W fast wireless charger and a game controller, and a Momen phone cooler; both contain fans.

We hope that the above-mentioned tips will help you deal with the problem of overheating the iPhone, or to some extent reduce the occurrence of this problem. In case nothing else works, contact Apple Store's Genius Bar.

Is the weather bad for your iPhone?

iPhone temperature

Apple-designed all iPhones to operate at an ambient temperature of 0 to 35º C (32 to 95º F). This means that the air temperature around the device and not the device itself - this gives an idea of the numbers, which should be considered, looking at the weather forecast.
A few degrees both ways for a short period of time should not negatively affect long-term damage, but iPhone owners in very hot or cold countries should exercise more care.


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