How to Fix iPhone Camera Roll Crash?

Find out How to Fix iPhone Camera Roll Crash

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Undoubtedly, Camera Roll failure is one of the most common problems faced by iPhone users. This vulnerability may cause iPhone camera photos or videos to be unavailable. Usually, when taking photos or shooting videos, we do not back up to iCloud or iTunes, and this is a mistake that many of us make. If you don't have a backup, you may not be able to recover your photos anymore. So how do you deal with iPhone camera roll crash? How to make an iPhone backup? You will find the answers later in the article.


.iPhone Camera Roll Crash

Camera Roll crash is an issue that appears more and more on iOS phones. If you have a lot of photos or videos on your iPhone, it's a good idea to take a backup every now and then to avoid any unpleasant consequences should this problem arise. iCloud and iTunes are great for backups. What causes a camera roll failure? How do I fix a camera roll failure? Below, we will introduce the only method that works in this case.

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1. Possible causes of camera roll failure

iPhone Jailbreak
If you've recently jailbroken your iPhone to download and install programs from sources other than the Apple Store then it's very likely that this is one reason your Camera Roll crashes. Just jailbreaking an iPhone can have unforeseen consequences, including application crashes, shorter battery life, or a malware attack.

Incorrect iOS update
Sometimes when there is a new iOS update for your iPhone to download and due to a faulty internet connection or some kind of error the update fails, it can damage some apps and cause problems. This is also the reason why your Camera Roll photos are lost. Therefore, due to the update failure iPhone, you may not have access to your photos and videos in the Camera Roll.

2. How to Fix iPhone Camera Roll Crash?

The only option that will help you fix the camera roll error is to factory reset your iPhone. After a factory reset, your Camera Roll will work like new and ready to save new photos and videos.
However, you need to know that factory reset involves total loss of iPhone data including contacts, messages, photos, videos, notes, and anything else stored on the phone. Therefore, it is recommended to backup all iPhone data using iCloud or iTunes first before performing the reset.

Here's how to do it.

3. What to do before restoring iPhone to factory settings?

At the very beginning, you need to sync your iPhone with iCloud and iTunes, this is important as all your saved photos and videos are still on the device. The only problem is the Camera Roll crashes, so you have a good chance of getting your lost photos back by turning on an iCloud or iTunes backup. This will save all photos from the damaged Camera Roll. You can recover all data later with iCloud or iTunes backup or with a third-party tool.

4. How to recover photos from iCloud and iTunes backup?

At the very beginning, you need to sign in to iCloud or iTunes backup with your Apple ID on another iOS device. Select and save the desired photos and videos from the Camera Roll to your new device from the list of available iCloud / iTunes backups. Here's how to do it step by step.

5. Summary

If you encounter a camera roll error, remember to back up all your data at the beginning, otherwise, everything will be lost and cannot be recovered.
Follow the steps above and everything should work fine.

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