How to fix broken Touch ID on iPhone or iPad?

Find out how to fix Touch ID

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As we described in the previous article related to the Face ID problem, now we will focus on the Touch ID problem, which can also be problematic. The Touch function itself is also very useful and thanks to it we can quickly unlock our iPhone or iPad. Sometimes, like all functions, this one can be problematic. What to do when iPhone or iPad does not read the fingerprint? How to set up a new fingerprint on iPhone and iPad? How to reset fingerprint on iPhone? The problem can be solved easily.

Touch ID

The Touch ID function, which was introduced by Apple from the iPhone 5s to the iPhone 8 Plus, plus a large part of iPads, and even some laptops have Touch ID, which is a proprietary fingerprint detection technology in short. The functionality of Touch ID itself is very handy and secure, but as it happens in most technologies, sometimes there are small and large errors. So what should you do first if your iPhone or iPad's Touch ID suddenly refuses to recognize your fingerprints?
If the problem occurred after some time, and not right away, there is a chance to fix the error quickly. In the following, we'll give you tips that you can try to keep your Touch ID sensor working properly.
Or, if the problem started right from the very beginning of taking your iPhone or iPad out of the box, you can book a Genius appointment at the Apple Store so they can watch it. There is a high probability that the component is damaged and will need to be replaced.

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1. Clean the fingerprint reader

The first thing you should do when repairing an unresponsive fingerprint scanner is wiping the Touch ID sensor. The sensor itself takes a very high-resolution image of the skin's subcutaneous layers to read the fingerprint and compare it to the fingerprint it has in the file, so if the Home button is dirty or has dust deposited on it then chances are your iPhone or the iPad will have a hard time confirming that you really are who you say you are. It can also be the main cause of the problems. To clean the Home button, you can use an alcohol-soaked cloth, such as for cleaning glasses.


2. Update iOS

If cleaning the sensor doesn't help, it's worth checking that your iPhone or iPad's operating system is up-to-date. To check if you have the current version follow the steps below.
Apple sometimes introduces minor corrections to its updates to fix bugs or improve already existing iOS functions. Touch ID might just be one of these fixes.

If you're struggling with the Touch ID fingerprint problem on your MacBook Pro, it's also worth checking for OS updates, but of course, you'll be dealing with macOS. To check what version you currently have, select the Apple logo in the top right corner of the screen and then About This Mac. Now click on Software Update.

1. To check for an iOS update, first open Settings on your device. 

iPhone Settings

2. From the available list select the General tab.

iPhone Settings

3. Now, select Software Update.

Software iPhone

4. At this stage, you will see if your version is up-to-date, if so, a message will appear. However, you can set an automatic software update, which you will find in the next steps. To do this, click on the Automatic Updates tab. 

Software iPhone

5. Enable both options now to have updates automatically download.

Software iPhone

3. Place your finger in the correct position correctly

As for the fingerprint process itself, try to keep your finger completely covering the Home button. Also, be careful not to tap too fast or apply too much pressure, and keep your finger still while scanning. The entire process should take about a second

4. Check the phone case

Another problem may be the case and cover for iPhone and iPad. Both of these devices have cutouts for the Home button, but sometimes the cutout is quite tight. Check to see if any part of the case material is blocking some of your fingerprints.

5. Check if you have Touch ID unlocked

1. Go to the Settings on your device.

iPhone Settings

2. Select the Face ID & Passcode tab. 


3. Now, enable the iPhone Unlock option. 

Touch ID

6. Try to add more fingerprints

Another thing you can take advantage of is the ability to add more fingerprints. Luckily, you can add up to five fingerprints, and then using one of them you'll be able to unlock your devices. The only catch is that you can't set a default fingerprint here.

1. Go to the Settings on your device.

iPhone Settings

2. Select the Face ID & Passcode tab. 


3. Now, tap the iPhone Unlock option. 

Touch ID

4. Now, place your finger.


7. Add fingerprints on cold days

It may seem strange, but cold weather can have a big impact on Touch ID performance and fingerprint changes. This is because on cold days your skin can simply be dried with the crisp winter air. Surely you've experienced the rough, chafed skin that is common this time of year on your hands. However, the individual folds of skin that make up the fingerprint may also be reinforced by the lower temperature.

If your Touch ID issues seem to be particularly or only bad when the temperature drops, and if you haven't captured all of your fingerprints yet, it's worth doing it again.

Touch ID

8. Re-register your fingerprint

If a specific finger that is already registered on the phone but is not working, you can re-register it very easily. Go to Settings> Touch ID & Code> Touch ID> Edit. From here you can remove your fingerprint and then follow the instructions to add a new fingerprint. This will overwrite the old fingerprint.

To check which fingerprint is defective, hold your finger over the scanner and see which saved fingerprints are not highlighted.

9. Clean your hands well

Take care of the Home button - it should be very, so try to wash your hands as much as possible.
Apple manufacturers themselves warn that moisture, liquids, sweat, oils, cuts, or dry skin can affect fingerprint recognition.

In conclusion, check out the methods we've described. It may be that one of them will be sufficient and there will be no need to even add new fingerprints, and just wiping the Home button is enough.


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