How to Fix Android Delayed Notifications?

Find out How to Fix Android Delayed Notifications

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Phone notifications can be annoying, especially when they appear late or completely invisible. Regardless of whether you have just bought a phone straight from the salon or an older model. Notifications can be really bothersome if we don't do anything with them. So how do you fix Android notifications? How can I keep Android notifications from delaying? How to fix lag on Android phones? Try our tips to deal with this problem.


Notifications play an important role in any phone or other mobile device. Regardless of whether it is iOS or Android notifications, or more precisely, the problem with them occurs everywhere, and probably most of us have faced it. Everything is up to the time when notifications come with a long delay or only after opening the application. How to deal with such a situation? What can you do yourself to deal with the delayed notifications problem? Below are some tricks that you can yourself.

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1. Don't use apps that optimize battery and phone

Most of the phone and battery optimization apps help to shut down background processes to free up RAM and thus reduce the load on the phone. If you want to speed up your phone this is a good solution, but it will cause a delay or no notifications from the application. Most of the running background processes synchronize data and are responsible for delivering notifications. After disabling them, you will not be able to receive any updates from installed applications, unless you open them or they do not have an auto-enable feature.

2. Don't kill background processes yourself

Referring to the above point, many users try to turn off background processes in Android settings on their own to speed up its performance. Don't do this, it's better to use an app to optimize your device for it, or at least don't try to do it for apps that you expect notifications from, or in messengers such as Messenger or WhatsApp.

Additionally, you should also avoid task-killing apps that promise to completely shut down the app that uses them. They also kill background processes when closing the application interface.


3. Use the power-saving mode with caution.

If you are the owner of a phone with an Android Lollipop or an even newer operating system, you need to know important information about the energy-saving mode that helps to extract more power from the battery.

Usually, when the battery level drops to a certain value, you are asked to turn on the saving mode, usually, it is between 15% - 20% but it also depends on the settings. This feature is perfect for keeping your phone alive when you need it. However, the power saving mode turns off an important feature of the phone - Date Synchronization.

Power saving mode when enabled means that no application is syncing data in the background to keep you up to date, so you won't receive any notifications this way. Avoid using energy-saving mode all the time and try to use it only when it is necessary.

4. Don't turn off Wi-Fi

If you receive notifications only when you unlock the screen, there is a chance that the Wi-Fi connection will be disabled when the phone goes into sleep mode. This is a good solution when it comes to conserving battery life, but bad synchronize data.

  1. Go to phone Settings and tap on Wi-Fi.
  2. Now tap on the main menu at the top-right corner and select Advanced from it.
  3. On the next page, ensure Keep Wi-Fi on during sleep option is set to Always.

5. Restart data or Wi-Fi and turn off airplane mode

Poor network connectivity can also contribute to delayed notifications on Android. Reset your mobile network and check if notifications are now being delivered.

This also applies to Airplane Mode which can also fix network connectivity issues on your phone. This can further help you receive delayed app notifications. So let's try this solution.

6. Clear application cache data

If one specific app is causing the delayed notification issue, you can clear the app's cache data. Sometimes just doing this helps you get rid of the problem.

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