How to factory reset Android phone by using settings menu?

Restore Default Settings

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We are presenting the super useful operation that resolves a problem with the performance of your device. We prepared especially for Android user the complex instruction of accomplishing hard reset operation to restore default settings in your phone. Have a look at the guide belove to successfully render factory reset data.

Do you know how kind of profits can give you phone factory reset operation? We already wrote about factory reset in the previous article, click here to find it. If the system of your smartphone is slow or you have problem with delays or maybe the screen is getting frozen too often, then you definitely need to accomplish hard reset operation to fix the performance of your device. We would like to show you how to easily perform factory reset operation by using the settings menu. Before starting the whole process of restoring default setting in your device you should do Backup Data to transfer all of your personal data into a Google server to do not lose any saved information. If the personal data from your device has been successfully transferred, you can start the whole process of hard reset operation by using settings options.

Factory Reset operation will erase all of your data,
customized settings, thirty-party applications, and app settings.

We are presenting the way of factory reset android phone on an example Samsung Galaxy S10 and Huawei p20.

HARD RESET via settings in SAMSUNG Galaxy S10:

  1. At the very beginning, unlock your Android smartphone and get into Settings.
    Settings Galaxy S10
  2. In the next step, choose General management to open advanced settings of Galaxy S10.
    General managment Galaxy S10
  3. After that, pick the Reset option to smoothly enter to the all possible resets.
    Reset Galaxy S10
  4. This is the moment to select Factory data reset to easily perform the hard reset operation.
    Factory data reset galaxy s10
  5. Confirm that you want to erase all data from your phone, including Google account, System and app data, Settings, Downloaded apps, Music, Pictures, All other user data, Service provider apps, and content and the decryption key for files on the SD card. Press Reset button to do it.
    Factory data reset Galaxy S10
  6. In the last, final step to confirm the whole operation Delete all to erase the memory of your Samsung Galaxy S10.
    Delete All Data Galaxy S10
  7. Success! Hard reset operation has been successfully performed.

Find out the video on our YouTube HardReset.Info channel to follow our steps.

HARD RESET via settings in HUAWEI P20:

  1. First of all, unlock your Huawei device and enter Settings
    Settings Huawei P20
  2. In the second step, scroll the list down and pick the System.
    Huawei P20 System
  3. Afterward, from the presented options choose Reset.
    Huawei p20 reset
  4. Now, tap on the Factory data reset to erase the whole storage of your device.
    Huawei p20 Factory data reset
  5. At this moment, RESET PHONE by using presented on the screen button.
    Huawei P20 Reset Phone
  6. In the end, confirm your choice and once again press RESET PHONE and that is it.
    Huawei P20  Reset Phone
  7. Great job! You already restore default settings
Check out the video on our YouTube HardReset.Info channel to follow our steps.

As you can see on the following examples the factory reset operation is a very quick and easy process. Like we wrote before the necessary process that is worth to do it before a hard reset is Backup all personal data to restore it after the whole operation of the factory reset. After successfully accomplished wipe data process, our device will be working smoothly without any delay, just like a new model of your device, so the usage of your smartphone will be a pleasure, not just an obligation. 
If you would like to find how to perform hard reset operation of specific phone model, then visit webpage and type name of your model to search the operation, that you can accomplish to improve performance of your phone. 

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