How to check the warranty on TOSHIBA laptops?

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How do I check the warranty on my TOSHIBA laptop? Where to find the serial number on a TOSHIBA laptop? Where to check for free until when I have a warranty on my TOSHIBA laptop? These are questions that often appear in the Google search engine, but most websites offering this type of service are paid. In this guide, you will learn how to check your warranty on your TOSHIBA laptop with a single serial number and, most importantly, absolutely free!

TOSHIBA Warranty

Checking the warranty of the selected laptop may seem like a long process for everyone and searching for all the purchase documents. Fortunately, this is not the case, quite the contrary! Checking the length of the warranty literally takes a few moments and you only need one serial number, which is usually stuck on the back of the laptop. Below we will show you how to check it quickly using one service that is completely free!

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1. Where can I find the serial number of my TOSHIBA  laptop?

Toshiba has a serial number printed on a label on the bottom of the laptop, or directly laser-etched at the bottom of the housing.

2. How to check the warranty on TOSHIBA laptops?

To check the warranty of your TOSHIBA laptop, first, go to the free service by clicking the button below.


1. After you click the button above you will be transferred to the service, go down and click on the TOSHIBA Warranty option.

Toshiba Warranty

2. At this stage, enter your laptop serial number, then confirm CAPTCHA security and click the Check Toshiba Laptop Warranty by SN button.

Toshiba Warranty

3. Now wait 10 seconds for your order to be processed.

Toshiba Warranty

4. Bravo! You've successfully checked your TOSHIBA laptop's warranty!

Toshiba Warranty

As you can see it is very easy! The warranty information will be highlighted in color depending on the status.
Red will mean that your laptop's warranty has expired, and green if it's still active.
With this service, you will also learn some other information, including but not limited to country of sale, part number, as well as laptop model data.

We also encourage you to use other services, where you can also check the warranty period of other models such as LENOVO, DELL, or ASUS.


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