How to check the phone model?


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Do you know what is the phone's model name? Where and how to locate it? How many possibles ways to find the model name is? What is the device's model actually? If you are trying to extend your knowledge about your loved smartphone, then definitely a first thing, of course after the brand of your device is the model of it. If you would like to learn how to easily locate the model name of your device, then follow the instructions below and enjoy the given information. 

We are presenting the four ways to check out your device’s model name. If you are a technologic freak or you just want to know more about your smartphone, not just a name of the brand, then learn how to smoothly discover your phone’s model.

Phone Model is set by a device manufacturer and can be different depending on the product version. Existing many possible ways to find out your model name, we would like to present four of them.

Where I can find my device’s model name?

  • back of the device - It is the easiest and the shortest way to find model name, but unfortunately not every device has this name on the back.
  • original package - Most of the smartphones has the model name on the back of the original package, but not each of us is holding the original box or remember where left it. 
  • phone’s settings - Let's get into your phone's settings and easily locate the name of the model. 
    • First of all, open Settings from the main menu.
    • In the next stage, go to the System and choose About Phone to check information about your smartphone. (In some of the devices you can go straight away to the About Phone, avoiding System.)
    • Great! Now, you are able to check the Model of your phone.
  • IMEI.INFO home page - Our IMEI.INFO gives you many possibilities, the phone's model as well, to get the knowledge about your device. Let's put your IMEI number and in the result, you will get access to the full specification and super useful features designed especially for your smartphone. Find out the instruction below and know your phone better. If you need a solution in order to find your IMEI number then find the tutorial below.

How to get information about the device on IMEI.INFO website?

  1. Open IMEI.INFO website in your browser and on the home page put your unique IMEI Number.
    IMEI.Info home page
  2. Nextly, you will get the transfer to the full specification of your device and super useful features that you can try on it.
    IMEI.Info Check

When you are already on this page, then you definitely need to test presented features to solve existing problems with your smartphone.

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