SONIM Carrier & Country Checker is now available!

Find out how to check Carrier & Country Checker on SONIM phones

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If you are the owner of a SONIM phone, we have great news for you. A FREE search engine has just started on our website! You will find it under the name SONIM Carrier & Country Checker, the free search engine will allow you to search, among others, information from which country the phone comes from and much more. See how to check for FREE Carrier & Country on SONIM phones.

Before we get into How to check for FREE Carrier & Country on SONIM phones. Let's take a closer look at what the SONIM phones are and what the company that produces these phones is.

What is Sonim Technologies?

Sonim Technologies is a supplier of the most durable, water-submersible cell phones in the world, specially designed for workers in demanding and hazardous environments. They specialize in employee-critical communication tools for vertical industries, including construction, public safety, oil, gas, and chemical operations, utilities, transportation and logistics, hospitals, forestry, agriculture, and defense.

How to check for FREE Carrier & Country on SONIM phones?

1. To use the free search engine, you must first find your phone by IMEI number.

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2. Now enter the IMEI number in the search engine. For security purposes, you will need to pass CAPTCHA verification. If you do that, click the Check button.


3. If you have successfully checked your IMEI number, now the full specification of the model will appear on the screen, as well as free and paid services that you can use. In this case, we are interested in the SONIM Carrier & Country Check tab, click on it.



4. Now you have to go to the next step to check. Just click on the SONIM Carrier & Country button.


5.  Your order is processed at this stage. It will take literally 10 seconds.


What information will I find out?

                 Below is an example of the result for the XP7 model. As you can see, the service is completely FREE, thanks to it you will find the information you need.


You can also use the paid Blacklist Status PRO service, thanks to which you will find out if your phone is not stolen.
You can read more about our service HERE.


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